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Napocor unveils PhP56-M wind power project
B. S. Sto. Domingo, BusinessWorld (9 Aug 2004)

BATANES, PHILIPPINES: The National Power Corp. (Napocor) on Saturday opened a PhP56-million wind/diesel hybrid power plant in Batanes, which is seen to generate yearly savings of PhP2.5 million in fuel costs for the state-owned firm.

The landmark power plant is expected to generate 180 kilowatts of electricity for the provincial capital of Basco and for the entire island of Batan, the power firm said.

Napocor said with the operation of the power plant, Batan Island will be provided uninterrupted, 24-hour power supply for the first time.

The hybrid project will use three wind turbine generators with a capacity of 60 kilowatts each, and two diesel generators with a capacity of 500 kilowatts each. The wind turbines were built on top of Mt. Sumhao, while the diesel generators were put up beside Napocor's existing 1.25-megawatt diesel power plant in Basco.

The project is a joint initiative of Napocor and the Departments of Energy and Science and Technology, and the provincial government of Batanes, which secured part of the project funding.

Napocor provided counterpart funds amounting to PhP8.48 million.

Following the commissioning of the power plant, Napocor, through its Small Power Utilities Group, will take over operations and maintenance, and provide fuel supply and other technical support to the plant.

The government has been pursuing the development of new and renewable energy sources like wind, solar, and biomass to boost the country's energy self-sufficiency and protect the environment from the effects of traditional fossil fuels such as oil and coal.

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