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Hart's World Fuels Conference
8-10 November 2004, Singapore

Asia in Perspective: The Regional Refining and Automotive Sector

Hart's World Fuels Conference (WFC) - Asia will be organized in Singapore November 8-10, 2004. The theme is "Demand, Capacity and Technology- Driving Global Fuel Markets". For the complete program see

This event continues to grow with expectation that we will have close to 200 delegates this year with broad representation from the refining, automotive and related industries as well as government decision makers from Asia (including Australasia), Middle East, Europe and USA in attendance.

Hart WFC's are the only conferences that bring together all organizations involved in the production and use of automotive fuels. Our goal is to cover topics and facilitate dialogue on topics of interest for refining and automobile industry, policy makers and the refining technology sector. These conferences have proven to be a great tool to help move forward together toward a global cleaner environment - beneficial for everyone.

CAI-Asia will organize a panel in the World Fuels Conference Program, which will focus on the CAI-Asia Oil Industry Dialogue. The results of a number of background papers will be presented and a panel with representatives from CAI-Asia, the Oil industry and the Vehicle Industry will discuss the impact of clean fuels on new and in-use vehicles in Asia, the production of clean fuels, and incentives for the introduction of clean fuels.

The WFC's have been organized for the past 20 years both in the USA and in Europe, and also in Latin America since 2001 and Asia since 2002.

For complete conference details, sponsorship opportunities and other information visit Optionally, in the U.S call +1 301 354 2045 or email [email protected] In Singapore, call +65 6324 9870.

We are looking forward to an excellent conference. Your participation is welcomed!

Liisa Kiuru
World Fuels Conference Co-Chairperson
[email protected]
+65 6324 9870

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