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Eco-friendly vehicle launched
TIMES NEWS NETWORK (23 AUG 2004 03:16:56 AM)

LUCKNOW, INDIA: The city is now all set to welcome eco-friendly three-wheeler vehicles. These three-wheelers were launched by transport minister Naresh Agarwal on Sunday. Manufactured by Scooters India Limited (SIL), these vehicles will run on compressed natural gas. It is also expected that this would generate new avenues of self-employment.

A seminar on ‘Avenues of employment in the transport business' was also organised on the occasion. Addressing the audience, the minister said that transport business had great potential of generating employment which was one of the priorities of the state government.

A senior manager of SIL said that one three-wheeler had the capability to give employment to at least five persons. He also said that the company was well aware of its social responsibilities and therefore it had developed a vehicle that worked on a non-conventional source of energy. He urged the government to permit plying of the three-wheeler on all possible routes of the city by smoothening the process of registration, which in turn would aid employment.

President of Vyapar Mandal Sandeep Bansal was hopeful about the growth of trade and commerce in the city and also the state with use of more of these three-wheelers.

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