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Air Pollution Emission Forecast for Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
Article published on 'Environment' (A Journal of Environment), 7(8): pp. 41-46, Ministry of Population and Environment. 5 June 2002. Kathmandu

Air Pollution Emission Forecast for Kathmandu Valley, NepalAir Pollution Emission Forecast for Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
[.pdf, 38.8Kb]

This paper describes the results of a study aimed at forecasting air pollution (total suspended particulates, or TSP) emissions for Kathmandu Valley as part of the "Air Pollution in Nepal Project" at Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville. Predictions of TSP emissions were performed for three possible future scenarios. The first possible scenario forecasts TSP levels if no control measures are implemented by the government. The second scenario forecasts what would happen if the government decides to ban vehicles more than 20 years old by 2002/3. The third scenario tested assumes that the government will implement a reduction of tailpipe emissions by 25% and introduce measures to counter the re-suspension of particles by 50% by the fiscal year 2004/5. The results predict that there will be a 37% decrease in TSP in the year 2011/12 compared to projected values for the same year if no action is taken. Such control measures in this third scenario include a rolling ban on vehicles more than 20 years old in addition to programs aimed at reducing tail pipe emissions and controlling the re-suspension of roadside dust.

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Pokhrel, S., and Hildebrandt, M.L.
Environmental Technology and Assessment, Environmental Science, SIUE

Secretariat: The World Bank & Asian Development Bank