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Fake 2T oil sold in inner city of Lahore
A study conducted by Glocal Sustainable Development Network, has revealed that 100% samples of T2 lubricants sold were found adulterated.

Fake lubricants sale continues in City

LAHORE - Abundance of adulterated and substandard lubricants in the local market is playing havoc not only with vehicle engines but also with the surrounding environment due to toxic emissions.

A study conducted by Glocal Sustainable Development Network, has revealed that 100% samples of T2 lubricants sold in inner city of Lahore were found adulterated.

According to the GSDN, the government estimates of the level of adulteration in T2 oil were completely wrong and based on outdated and one-sided research, carried out by oil companies. Results from an independent localised sampling program carried out by GSDN and National Cleaner Production Center in the environs of Badami Bagh claim that 100per cent of the T2 engine oil sold in the inner city is either adulterated or sub-standard, dispel government estimates of 70per cent adulteration.

Hassaan Ghazali, a lawyer coordinating GSDN, informed The Nation that manufacturing and selling of substandard oil in Lahore is an open secret.

The sale of adulterated petroleum violates clear provisions of many laws and operates right under the nose of officials, and probably with their 'due' consent. The results need to show the enormity of a public health situation for which the government and the oil companies are certainly not doing enough. He further stated that the confiscation of substandard oil is no solution of the problem, as fake oil is still abundantly available in the market.'A very interesting feature of the test results is that even the oil companies are not checking the sale of sub-standard oil at their filling stations', he maintained.The GSDN will be pursuing a strong course of action to make some bold but necessary decisions for the environment in Pakistan, he concluded.


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