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Improving Air Quality in Asian Cities Through Public Participation (Jun 2004)

Improving Air Quality in Asian Cities Through Public ParticipationImproving Air Quality in Asian Cities Through Public Participation
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Submitted by AEAI and RFF, June 2004

In March 2004, Advanced Engineering Associates International (AEAI) (the prime contractor for this project) and Resources for the Future (RFF) (subcontractor) submitted a final report to US Agency For International Development (USAID) on an AID-funded project, through Energy I IQC OUT-LAG-00-98-00-00004-00 Short-Term Technical Support Task Order, Work Order No. 183. The purpose of the Task Order was to begin a process that would increase public participation in the energy and environment sectors of Asia. The Task Order itself culminated in three workshops in Manila, Philippines in the context of the annual Better Air Quality 2003 meetings.

This modified report is intended as a shorter version of the final report. It distills out the core issues that were the purpose of the Task Order, namely thoughts about designing a process for sharing experience within and around Asia and experience gained from the initial regional meeting. In response to AID’s suggestions, we have removed explanations of the process that was followed to identify practitioners from around Asia and to guide them as they developed their experience into case studies for discussion in Manila. Instead, the report concentrates on lessons learned and reflections on replicability gained to date. The original report containing additional material not relevant to this very focused discussion is now an appendix to this report.

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