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Trainer of Trainer (TOT) on World Bank "Urban Air Quality Management-Distance Learning" Course
February 2005 (tbd), Pathumthani, Thailand

The Asian Institute of Technology and the World Bank Institute (WBI) are organizing a ToT course at the Asian Institute of Technology (see the location map at, Thailand. The course will be conducted in the forms of DVD presentations of 10 modules of the UAQM course developed by the WBI, followed by discussions, small work groups, and exercises. Through case studies, the course will provide realistic examples/views on different air quality management practices from across the region and will facilitate sharing and interaction of information to help the participants gain more knowledge on all components of UAQM and how to apply to their local context. The training will be application-oriented emphasizing active participation of participants. Resource persons will facilitative by providing information and guiding discussions. The expected outcomes include increased knowledge and capacity of participants so they are able to follow-up with course delivery in their respective countries in the coming years.

Training Objective:
The ultimate goal is to expand the knowledge of the participants and equip the participants with necessary skills to follow up with the delivery of theUAQM course in their own countries. The concrete objectives include:

  1. To provide the participants with a clear understanding of the course objectives and content
  2. To clarify the roles and responsibilities as facilitators of the follow-up UAQM in their own countries
  3. To familiarize the participants with resources, including partners, networks, course task teams, and technologies
  4. To enable the participants to gain a consensus on the design of course delivery methods
  5. To follow up with actions items, which can be reported back

Training Participants:
The target groups are experts who have capacity and commitment to deliver the DL UAQM in their own countries within 1 year from the date of this ToT training course. Potential participants include: 1) the environmental experts in the government offices who directly deal with air quality management issues in their countries, 2) the academic staff/professor in universities, 3) experts from NGO.

Training Time and Delivery:
The training is tentatively scheduled for early February 2005 (TBD) in AIT, Pathumthani, Thailand. To apply, please complete the attached application form to be considered as a participant at the TOT. Please send the completed application form to Dr. Kim at [email protected] and Samantha Constant at [email protected]. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Submission of application is mandatory for consideration. Please complete and submit by January 10, 2004.

Application FormApplication Form
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