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Monitoring Transport Pollution
22-24 February 2005, University of Leeds, United Kingdom

This course provides participants with a sound technical and practical knowledge of traffic, vehicle emissions, air pollution concentrations and noise levels. The course briefly outlines UK government and EU policies, the concept of air quality management, and the role of air pollution and noise monitoring. The technical aspects of traffic, emissions, air pollution (gaseous and particulate) and noise monitoring systems are described in their entirety, including data storage, communications and database systems. This will include a practical grounding in the use of instruments, their maintenance and calibration, QA/QC of data and integrated analysis. Participants will develop a clear understanding of the interaction between traffic activity, management policies and air/noise pollution.

If you require further information on the course content please contact James Tate (Tel: +44 (0)113 343 6608; email: [email protected])

Further details and booking forms can be accessed though the web site and selecting ‘Short Courses’ from the main menu.

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