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China now accounts for a seventh of world carbon pollution - IEA (7 December 2004)

China is now the world's second biggest polluter of carbon dioxide, accounting for a seventh of the total, after the US, which emits nearly a quarter, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said.

The IEA report, timed to coincide with a UN conference on climate change in Buenos Aires, confirmed the growing role of China and other developing countries in the worsening greenhouse-gas problem.

Eighty percent of carbon dioxide (CO2) pollution in 2002 was emitted by 22 countries, the IEA said.

The biggest polluter by far was the US, with 23.5 pct of the total, followed by China, with 13.6 pct. Afterwards came Russia (6.2 pct), Japan (five pct), India (4.2 pct), Germany (3.5 pct), the UK and Canada (2.2 pct each), South Korea (1.9 pct), Italy (1.8 pct) and France (1.6 pct).

In 1990, China emitted 2.289 bln tonnes of CO2, the IEA said. In 2002, after experiencing growth of 204 percent in its gross domestic product (GDP) since 1990, Chinese CO2 pollution was 3.307 bln tonnes, an increase of 44.5 pct over the period.

Excluding China, there was also a big increase in Asian CO2 output – a rise of 81.3 pct, from 1.493 bln tonnes to 2.709 bln, from 1990-2002.

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