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16th Regional Conference of Clean Air and Environment in Asia Pacific Area
2 - 4 August 2005, Kogakuin University Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

16th Regional Conference of Clean Air and Environment in Asia Pacific Area16th Regional Conference of Clean Air and Environment in Asia Pacific Area
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Message from the Chairperson:

We have solved serious pollution problems and environmental problems, although we experienced these problems in Japan from 1960's to 1970's. In the mean time, we hold the 4th International Clean Air Congress for the first time in Asia in 1977, in which we could have a lot of chances to discuss the problems with any people from all over the world. Nearly 30 years have been passed since then. During these years, environmental counter measures and environmental problems themselves has been not only qualitatively but also quantitatively changed because of changes of production scales and production technologies. Environmental problems in mega-city and global environmental problems such as global warming, as a world common
problem, should have a big impact on sound and comfortable human life.

In these circumstances, The 16th Regional Conference of Clean Air and Environment in Asian Pacific Area will be held, intending to have fruitful discussions and information exchanges on how to solve the pollution problems and environmental problems common throughout the world among persons concerned in science & technology, politics and administration and also to establish a possible information network in the future.

The conference will cover the fields of urban air pollution, heat island and their counter measures, global worming and efficient energy utilization, the latest emission control technology from diesel, and urban environmental policy. The specialists from various fields such as academic society, administration and industry are welcome to join this conference.

Dr. Osayuki Yokoyama
Conference Chairperson

Important dates:

  • Submission of abstracts: 31 March 2005
  • Early registrations: 15 June 2005
  • Late registrations: 30 July 2005

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