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Philippines - Local Network Commitments
from Better Air Quality 2004 country networking session


A. Periodic review of Air Quality Action Plan

B. Consistent Air Quality Monitoring

  • Engage LGUs in air quality management and address sustainability (they are willing to conduct anti-smike belching)

C. Mobile Sources

  • Intensify anti-smoke belching campaign
  • Operationalize citizens suit against owners of smoke belching vehicles
  • MVIS to be implemented in small scale for gross polluters
  • Euro 2 standards for new vehicles and standard for 2nd hand vehicles
  • Form multi-sectoral group to explore cost effective, mass transport solutions (e.g., BRT, bike lanes, pedestrianization)
  • Engage LGUs in anti-smoke belching campaign especially pollution from tricycles

D. Improve Fuel Quality

  • Alternative fuel: CNG mother-daughter stations up and running mid-2005; Ethanol to be made part of fuel mix (formulation of ethanol fuel standard) by 2005
  • Euro 2 for gasoline (lower sulphur), implementation by 1st quarter 2005
  • CME program wider implementation
  • Ethanol (alcohol) 10% to be mandated in 2006, 25% in 2010

F. Open Burning

  • Public awareness raising up to LGUs
  • Send letters to LGU's DENR/League of Cities/League of Municipalities/MMDA
  • Citizens Suit on Solid Waste Management, non-implementation of RA9033

G. Expand Clean Air Campaign to include Area Sources

  • Construction (DPWH, MWSS, Meralco, PLDT, other utilities)

H. Indoor Air Pollution

  • Anti-smoking campaign
  • Tap cities outside Metro Manila, better quality of air outside Metro Manilia; tourism
  • Mayor-to-Mayor (showcase best practices)
  • Institutionalize Inter-agency Task Force
  • Metro Air
  1. Glynda Bathan, CAI-Asia
  2. Dietmar Bogk, DEKRA
  3. Manny Camagay, National Center for Transport Studies
  4. Dennis Cunningham, US EPA
  5. Veronica Hitosis, League of Cities of the Philippines
  6. Bebet Gozun , Former Secretary, DENR
  7. Ricardo Infante, Department of Energy
  8. Mary Joy Jochico, USAEP a project of USAID
  9. Alma Bella Madrazo, AWMA
  10. Daniel McNamara, Manila Observatory
  11. Jojie Manalaysay, Partnership for Clean Air
  12. Nilo Marayag, Department of Health
  13. Charles Melhuish, ADB
  14. Desiree Narvaez, Department of Health
  15. Willie Obien, DENR
  16. Marylyn Perlas, University of the Philippines
  17. Ninette Ramirez, USAEP a project of USAID
  18. Jean Rosete, Environmental Management Bureau (EMB)
  19. Elizabeth Roxas, Environmental Broadcast Circle
  20. Jovenee Sagun, Puerto Princesa
  21. Bryan Willson, Colorado State University
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