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India - Local Network Commitments
from Better Air Quality 2004 country networking session

  • Strengthen and augment existing air quality monitoring network
  • Strengthen QA\QC through Regional Calibration Centers
  • Fine PM emission inventories and source apportionment studies
  • Baseline environmental health data
  • Decision support systems
  • Environmental awareness programs especially for school children
  • Hazardous pollutants to be included in AQM including odor, haze
  • PUC system to be improved/I and M programs to be introduced
  • Emission factors for vehicles
  • Alternatives to petrol/diesel (EV, CNG, LPG, H2 fuel)
  • Creation of Air Quality database and dissemination and forecasting
  • Prevention and control of roadside dust
  • Revision of list of critically polluted areas based on current air quality data
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Secretariat: The World Bank & Asian Development Bank