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China - Local Network Commitments
from Better Air Quality 2004 country networking session

  • Further define the organizational structure for the China network: CAI-Asia China Network as a vehicle to bring together different players in AQM, with SEPA as the leading government agency for the network
  • Conduct structured consultation with network members
  • Consultation of players should include all stakeholders (such as cities, other government agencies, NGOs, academics, and experts)
  • Emission apportionment studies
  • Identify priorities where the network can add value to existing or planned AQM programs
  • ADB, CAI-Asia, SEPA
  • Expert/Consultant work
  • SEPA takes the lead facilitated by the proposed coordinator
  • Consultationand players should include all stakeholders, i.e., cities, other government agencies (health), NGOs, academics, experts
  • Information and technical assistance: from external sources such as ADB, CAI-Asia
  • Training: more information on training program, in Chinese
  • China's own resources as planned in the 5-year plans
  1. Chen Changhong, Shanghai CES
  2. Peter Chen, Environmental Testing Systems
  3. Kong Ha, Environment, Transport and Works Bureau
  4. Luo Gaolai, SEPA
  5. Liu Zi, SEPA
  6. Hao Jiming, Qinghua U
  7. He Kebin, Qinghua U
  8. Ning Tang, China Center for Disease Control and Prevention
  9. Tao Xiasong, SEPA
  10. Tsang Siu-kai, Environment, Transport and Works Bureau
  11. Yan Peng, CAI-Asia
  12. Qian Yong, SEPA
  13. Jian Xie, World Bank
  14. Zhang Yufei, City of Harbin
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