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Pakistan - Local Networking Commitments
from Better Air Quality 2004 country networking session

  • Awareness raising aimed at generating public support/concern for air quality improvement
  • Legislation – establish ambient air quality standards
  • Improved coordination among stakeholders working closely with provincial and city district governments
  • Trial testing of I/M with private sector involvement
  • Phaseout of 2-stroke auto rickshaws in major cities
  • URC, IUCN and city district governments to come together and develop a sustained mass awareness plan/strategy
  • Benchmark from regional countries
  • Establish multi-stakeholder mechanism for AQM
  • Civil society organizations and city district governments
  • Recommended organizations from Lahore workshop
  • Provincial government in Sindh and city government along with IUCN, URC and others will aim to establish such a mechanism

Current government resource allocation is not sufficient for improved AQM. Partnership with CAI-Asia, WB, ADB, and others critical for (a) technical support, (b) financial support, (c) buy-in from the government

  1. Syed Mansoor Alishah, Clean Air Commission
  2. Ifran Saeed Alrai, Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency
  3. Amer Aziz, City District Government of Lahore
  4. Atique Baig, City District Government of Karachi
  5. Zahid Farooq, Urban Resource Center, Karachi
  6. Mazhar Hussain, Capital Development Authority, Islamabad
  7. Abdul Jalil, Environmental Protection Agency, Balochistan
  8. Khushal Khan, Traffic Engineering and Traffic Authority
  9. Tariq Zaman Khan, City District Government of Lahore
  10. Murtaza Malik, NEAP-SP, Ministry of Environment
  11. M. Noman Saigal, Sindh Government
  12. Khalid Sultan, City District Government of Lahore
  13. Noman Qadir, CATNet-Asia
  14. Malik Zaheer-ul-Islam, Karachi Mass Transit Authority
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