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Better Air Quality (BAQ) 2008
was held in Bangkok, Thailand
12-14 November 2008

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Thailand - Local Network Commitments
from Better Air Quality 2004 country networking session

  1. Formulation of Air Quality Management Plan
    • National Master Plan on AQM aims to reduce PM in 8 major cities
    • National Master Plan on Open Burning Control
    • Local AQM Action Plan: Bangkok Metropolitan Region and Chiang Mai
  2. Improving public transport and transport management
    • Diesel pollution reduction strategies (Cleaner city bus in Bangkok)
    • Promoting bike lane in major cities
    • Implementing public transportation in Chiang Mai
    • Promoting the use of Biodiesel for public transportation
  3. Strengthening institutional effectiveness
    • Improving inter-agency coordination (local and international)
    • Building capacity of national, local, and public institutions by using TAPCE (Thailand Air Pollution Center of Excellence) as a core center
    • Establishment of new ambient air quality monitoring stations
  4. Broadening public participation
    • Increasing public participation, responsibility and willingness to contribute at the individual level to reduce pollution (not only awareness)
    • Improving the effectiveness of information dissemination to generate public and political support for actions
  1. Formulation of Air Quality Management Plan
    • Setting up steering committee, which consists of effective stakeholders
    • Dissemination of information andseminars
    • Submitting for approval from National Environment Board
  2. Improving public transport and transport management
    • DIESEL project
    • Encouraging economic instruments
  3. Strengthening institutional effectiveness
    • Organizing regional/local workshops and trainings
    • Decentralization
  4. Broadening public participation
    • Setting up network
    • Public dissemination
    • Voluntary programs
  1. National Environmental Board
  2. Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
  3. Ministry of Transportation
  4. Ministry of Interior
  5. Ministry of Energy
  6. Ministry of Finance
  7. Ministry of Defense (Royal Thai Navy)
  8. Bangkok Metropolitan Administration
  9. Chiang Mai Municipality
  10. Academic institutions
  11. Private sector
  12. NGOs
  13. International organizations
  • Political support from central and local government
  • Technical support from government, academic institutions, private sector, and international organizations
  • Financial support from central and local government, international organizations
  • Public participation and awareness
  1. Orestes Anastasia, USAID/USAEP
  2. David Clark, Johnson Matthey
  3. Rongrong Duriyapunt, Chiang Mai Municipality
  4. John Guy, US EPA
  5. Manop Khlaibundit
  6. Kitti Kittisuntornwat
  7. Poonsiri Luekuna, Kenan Institute Asia
  8. Piraporn Petchtong, Pollution Control Department
  9. Siwaporn Rungsiyanon, Pollution Control Department
  10. Hansa Sanguannoi
  11. Siriporn Tantivanich, Department of Permanent Secretary for Bangkok Metropolitan Administration
  12. Panya Warapetchrayut, Pollution Control Department
  13. Mingquan Wichayarangsaridh, Pollution Control Department
  14. Ekbordin Winijkul, USAID/USAEP
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