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Nepal - Local Network Commitments

  • Increased awareness of air quality issues
  • Improved I/M system
  • Additional research including emission inventory in Kathmandu Valley
  • Media campaign - (a) AQ data on TV; (b) training for journalists
  • Advocacy campaign to identify gross polluters especially visibly polluting vehicles
  • Harmonization of research methodology
  • Regular interaction programs
  • Clean Air Network Nepal (CANN)
  • Kathmandu Electric Vehicle Alliance
  • Ministry of Population and Environment/ESPS

Existing projects, e.g. ESPS, KEVA and organizations can provide resources for these activities. Capacity of local organizations in implementing theses activities will be improved.

  1. Jiwan Acharya, Winrock International Nepal
  2. Rabindra Nath Bhattarai, Center for Pollution Studies, Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University
  3. Bibek Chapagain, Kathmandu Electric Vehicle Alliance
  4. Chiranjibi Gautam, Ministry of Population and Environment
  5. Anil Shankar Giri
  6. Dhiraj Giri, Kathmandu University
  7. Dilip Khatiwada, Ministry of Population and Environment
  8. Priyankur Mandav, Kantipur Television Network
  9. Anil Raut, EnvironmentNEPAL
  10. Rupesh Kumar Sah, ENPHO, Nefej
  11. Indu Shah, School of Environmental Management and Sust
  12. Kabindra Man Shakya, Ministry of Population and Environment
  13. KC Shandip, The Kathmandu Post (Kantipur Publications)
  14. Suman Sharma, Ministry of Population and Environment, Nepal
  15. Toran Sharma, Nepal Environmental and Scientific Services
  16. Rabin Man Shrestha, Kathmandu Metropolitan City Office
  17. Jeevan Raj Shrestha, USAID/Nepal
  18. Rojina Shrestha, IUCN Nepal
  19. Ben Stoner, KEVA
  20. Rajan Thapa, Center For Rural Technology (CRT) / ARECOP representative
  21. Rakshya Thapa, Kathmandu Electric Vehicle Alliance
  22. Min Bikram Malla Thakuri, Intermediate Technology Development Group (ITDG) Nepal
  23. Bhushan Tuladhar, Clean Energy Nepal
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