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Beijing cabs to have GPS protection against hijacks
Xinhuanet (03 Mar 2005 14:26:55)

BEIJING, CHINA: Beijing cabs will have GPS (Global Positioning System) devices installed in the future to protect them from being hijacked, according to industry sources.

The devices, or "Terminal" as it is called, contain the following equipment: GPS antenna, communication antenna, alarm button, monitoring device, hand held or headset phone and display screen.

The GPS can receive satellite information and has two-way data transmission capability and can receive as well as send out data according to central command's instructions.

Once equipped with the GPS, taxi drivers can trigger the alarm and summon help from central command center if they encounter hijacks or other unforeseen circumstances while they are operating their vehicles.

After an alarm signal is sent to the center, the center will be able to monitor the taxi and listen in to what transpires inside the taxi. The center can cut the car's gasoline and electrical supply by remote control.

(Source: Chinanews

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