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SEPA-EPA International Workshop Low Sulfur Fuel Strategies For China
14 July, Kunlun Hotel, Beijing, China (by invitation only)

The workshop is an echo of the newly promulgated national Phase III and Phase IV vehicle emission standards, which require further reduction of sulfur content in vehicle fuels, and pave the way forsmooth and effective enforcement of the new national vehicle emission control standards.

The workshop will focus on the introduction of international experiences of low sulfur vehicle fuels. Discussions on the feasibility and necessity of lowering China’s vehicle fuels and the development direction of China’s vehicle fuels quality will be launched during the workshop.

Sponsored by the State Environmental Protection Administration of China (SEPA) and USEPA, the workshop is to be organized by Vehicle Emission Control Center of SEPA (VECC-SEPA) and Tsinghua University.


Director Tang Dagang
Vehicle Emission Control Center
Contact person: Ding Yan, Yue Xin, Chen Dawei, Wang Ruosu
Tel: 86-10-84915243, 84911177
Fax: 86-10-84933997, 84911177
Email: [email protected]

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