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Better Air Quality (BAQ) 2008
was held in Bangkok, Thailand
12-14 November 2008

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Teambuilding 2006: Strengthening the CAI-Asia Local Networks
13-18 January 2006, Philippines

The Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities (CAI-Asia) held a teambuilding workshop for its seven local networks from 13 to 18 January 2006, Eagle Point Resort, Philippines. "Teambuilding 2006: Strengthening the CAI-Asia Local Networks" was the second time that the local network focal points gathered in one location, providing excellent opportunities for individual and group interaction as well as fostering productive working relationships. A local network is a multi-sectoral body consisting of organizations and individuals who have committed their time to promote the objectives of CAI-Asia in their repsective countries and cities. Most of the respondents in the CAI-Asia Phase I evaluation survey (2004) agreed that local networks are the best strategy to get a stronger involvement of city members in CAI-Asia activities.

Program of ActivitiesProgram of Activities
[.doc, 73.2Kb]

The teambuilding program began on 13 January when participants were taken to the Eagle Point Resort in Batangas, a province south of Metro Manila, where they stayed until 17 January. For the next five days, 29 participants from China, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and the CAI-Asia Secretariat worked well into the night sharing information, planning activities, and analyzing their respective strengths and weaknesses. Impressively, in the last two nights, each network prepared a series of promotional posters which were displayed at the cafeteria hallway of the Asian Development Bank on 18 January. They also came up with a group presentation for an ADB Green Bag seminar that took place at 2pm that same day.

Green Bag PresentationGreen Bag Presentation
[.pdf, 1491.3Kb]

Overall the teambuilding program focused on the following:

  • Briefing on CAI-Asia and its activities, including Public Health and Air Pollution in Asia (PAPA) project, Good Air/Bad Air
  • Project, Emission Factor Project, Fuel Road Map and Sustainable Urban Mobility (SUMA) project.
  • Updates on seven local networks, including SWOT analyis and 2006 business plan preparation for each network
  • Group preparation and presentation at an ADB Green Bag Seminar
  • InfoMarket Exhibition at ADB
  • Issues related to organizational development, including logical framework and fund raising

The teambuilding workshop was not only an excellent way to let local networks meet in person, but the InfoMarket and the Green Bag also provided the chance for the networks to introduce themselves to the ADB community.

Acknowledgements: CAI-Asia China Project; Mitra Emisi Bersi (MEB), Indonesia; Clean Air Network-Nepal (CAN-N); Pakistan Clean Air Network (PCAN); Partnership for Clean Air (PCA), Philippines; Clean Air Sri Lanka (CleanAirSL); and Clean Air Partnership, Vietnam


Sample Outputs from Teambuilding 2006: Business Plan banners were printed on a 6 ft x 2 ft tarpaulin spread and displayed during the Infomarket. These business plans are still under discussion.

(Note: The dimensions of these banners will not fit a standard browser window. To view these files properly, right-click the links below and select "Save Target As..." to save them on your desktop and open them in PowerPoint. Each file is about 1MB.)

Air Quality in Chinese Cities
Courtesy of VECC-SEPA

API to Concentration ConverterAPI to Concentration Converter
[.xls, 27.6Kb]

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