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Better Air Quality (BAQ) 2008
was held in Bangkok, Thailand
12-14 November 2008

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Clean Air Awareness Campaign Kicked Off In Cities of Nepal
Clean Air Network Nepal (CANN) in partnership with various organizations initiated clean air awareness campaign in Dharan, Hetuada, Pokhara and Waling. To mark this campaign, stakeholder and partnership building workshops were conducted on the theme of “Clean Air: Clean Electric Vehicle” in these cities.

The workshop aimed to inform all the relevant stakeholders on issues of air pollution and role of clean electric vehicles for clean air. The main objective of the workshop was to bring all the relevant stakeholders at a common forum to discuss over the possibility of EVs operation in these cities. Representatives of political parties, transport entrepreneurs, civil society and media were invited for the consultation.

The program was facilitated and supported by local government. Shree Eco Visionary Pvt. Ltd (SEV) in collaboration with CANN have initiated this campaign to diversify electric vehicles in terms of market segment and
geographic as a mean to curb air pollution in cities of Nepal in support with Kathmandu Electric Vehicle Alliance (KEVA), Small Grant Program of UNDP and GEF and other donor agencies.

Mr. Gopal Raj Joshi presented his paper on role of electric vehicles on curbing problem of air pollution. "The cost of health and environmental impacts of air pollution is a serious concern for all of us. At present vehicular emission is major cause for air pollution," he said. He also said that pollution free clean electric vehicles that use clean hydro power can be the best option. Then next presenter Mr. Umesh Raj Shrestha, director of SEV, discussed about the possibility of EVs operation in these cities. He highlighted financial and technical aspects for the EVs operation. According to him, there is a great possibility to operate EVs in some routes of cities which connects inner part of the city with nearby community. He requested the local entrepreneurs to come forward for the initiation and also expressed willingness to share expertise and technology with the local entrepreneurs if they are really interested on EVs operation.

The major conclusions of the workshop were:

  • EVs may be an important mean to keep these cities as a clean and pollution free city in the days to come by replacing existing polluting three wheelers.
  • Local entrepreneurs, municipality and civil society are found to be very supportive for EVs.
  • The major issue was how to manage existing three wheelers that are providing public transport service. The entrepreneurs provided two options – either transform existing three wheelers into EVs or provide some incentives or facilities to exchange with EVs.
  • The entrepreneurs also demanded for investment schemes for EVs as they claimed that upfront cost of EVs is beyond their capacity. They said local banks and financial institutions should come forward to help local entrepreneurs.
  • The eight political parties, municipality, entrepreneurs must sit together to find possible solutions.

Beside workshop in these cities, a detail route survey and feasibility study was also carried out. Electric vehicle designed for these cities was operated in the roads of Hetuada and Dharan for pilot operation and demonstration. Local media persons were mobilized to spread message on clean air and clean electric vehicles and build public awareness in support of EVs.

Clean Air Awareness Campaign Kicked Off In Cities of Nepal
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