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Beijing 2008: Temporary Air Quality Measures by Beijing for the Olympic Games

The Beijing Municipal government will adopt several measures, lasting 2 months (from July 20th to September 20th), to guarantee good air quality. The said measures cover vehicle management and restrictions on key industrial procedures and key polluting units during the Olympics. The measures include:

1. Enhance vehicle management and promote green commuting
More detailed information and implementation dates will be released in the future.

2. Stop parts of work on construction sites and enhance road cleaning
All construction units should stop earthwork projects and concrete mixing and placing projects on construction sites and enhance land greening and barren land covering work. For those projects that will fail to finish the earthwork and flood prevention work, will not be approved by construction department to begin operations.
The environment maintenance department will clean and spray the main avenue, sub-roads, other key roads and those roads servicing the Olympics.

3. Suspend and restrict key polluting enterprises
All industrial enterprises in Beijing should emit at a qualified level. Those failing to meet the environmental emission standards will be suspended. Capital Steel Ltd. should adopt strict measures to reduce emission. Beijing Oriental Chemical Ltd. should stop operation temporarily All the cement manufacturing plants, concrete mixing stations and rock mining companies should stop operation during the Olympics.
Eighteen (18) large enterprises and key construction material manufacturing companies should slow their production down, adjust their operation styles and enhance their pollution control measures to ensure that emissions are reduced by 30%, in accordance with the qualified emission level. Beijing Yanshan Chemical should suspend four (4) key producing units and nine (9) boilers, to ensure 30% reduction of pollution levels.

4. Pollution reduction in coal-fired units
Four (4) coal-fired heat and power plants should use low-sulfur coals and enhance pollution control measures to guarantee that their emissions are reduced by 30%. All coal-fired boilers running in the summer season should reach the specified national emissions standard.

5. Reduce organic gas emission
Gas stations, tanker trucks and oil depots will be closed if they haven't completed their "oil vapor recovery" technical upgrades. Outdoor spray painting, construction spray painting containing vapor organic substance should be suspended. Printing, production of furniture and vehicle repair will be closed if they fail to meet the national standard.

6. Emergent pollution control measure in extreme atmospheric condition
If any extreme atmospheric condition happens, aside from the measures mentioned above, relevant departments should adopt emergency pollution control measures.

Source (in Chinese): Beijing EPB.

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