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Beijing 2008: Key reports

Listed below are some of the key reports and documents regarding the air quality status and actions in the Chinese Olympic Cities as well information on the previous Olympics.

2008 Beijing Olympic Games

  1. David G. Streets et al. Air Quality During the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Environment 41 (2007) 480–492
  2. UNEP Greening Beijing Olympics, 2008
  3. Country Synthesis Report for PRC: Included in the file package
  4. Lee Schipper, Wei-Shiuen Ng, EMBARQ. Rapid Motorization in China: Environmental and Social Challenges. World Resource Institute. Paper for ADB-JBIC-World Bank East Asia and Pacific Infrastructure Flagship Study. October 18, 2004
  5. Cover Story: Raising the Bar. Science and Environment Fortnightly: Down to Earth. February 15, 2008
  6. Zhang Wei et al. Source Apportionment for Urban PM10 and PM2.5 in the Beijing area. 2007
  7. Joshua Zhong. 2008 Beijing Olympics, Air pollution & Adoption.
  8. Hong Kong Jockey Club. Main Arena of the 2008 Olympic Equestrian Event: Environment
  9. Impact Assessment Report Executive Summary. December 2005
  10. Qin Baoping, Liu Wei. Urban Air Quality Monitoring Development in Tianjin, China from CAI-Asia
  11. Yuan Zhou, Richard S.J. Tol. Valuing the health impacts from particulate air pollution in Tianjin.Working Paper FNU-89, September 9, 2005
  12. Xiujuan Zhao Variation of Sources and Mixing Mechanism of Mineral Dust with Pollution Aerosol: Revealed by the Two Peaks of a Super Dust Storm in Beijing. Atmospheric Research 84 (2007) 265-279
  13. Energy Future and Urban Air Pollution: Challenges for China and the United States, Executive Summary. 2007
  14. Ying Wang, Guoshun Zhuang et. al. Characteristics and Sources of Formic, Acetic and Oxalic Acids in PM2.5 and PM10 Aerosols in Beijing, China. Atmospheric Research 84 (2007) 169-181
  15. Stone, Richard. China's Environmental Challenges: Beijing's Marathon Run to Clean Foul Air Nears Finish Line. Science Vol 321 August 2008.

2004 Athens Olympics

1. Athens Olympic Committee. Official Report of the XXVIII Athens Olympiad 2004

Volume 1:
Volume 2:

2. Florida-James G, Donaldson K, Stone V. Athens 2004: The Pollution Climate and Athletic Performance. J Sports Sci. 2004 Oct;22(10):967-80; discussion 980.

3. Leeb, Martin. Gasping for Victory. Nature 430, 608-609 (5 August 2004)

1988 Seoul Olympics

1. Seoul Olympic Committee. XXIVth Olympiad Seoul 1988 Official Report.

Volume 1, Part 1:
Volume 1, Part 2:
Volume 1, Part 3:
Volume 2, Part 1:
Volume 2, Part 2:

1984 Los Angeles Olympics

1. Los Angeles Olympic Committee. XXIIIrd Olympiad Los Angeles 1984 Official Report Volume I.

Volume 1, Part 1:
Volume 1, Part 2:
Volume 1, Part 3:
Volume 2, Part 1:
Volume 2, Part 2:
Volume 2, Part 3:

2. Reinhold, Robert. Los Angeles Is Curbing Trucks in Rush Hours to Ease Traffic and Pollution. September 29, 1988. New York Times.

3. Lev-On, Miriam. Snapshot of Air Quality in Los Angeles during the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

Snapshot of Air Quality in Los Angeles during the 1984 Los Angeles OlympicsSnapshot of Air Quality in Los Angeles during the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics
[.pdf, 42.9Kb]

Miriam Lev-On

Beijing 2008


AQ Actions by Olympic Cities
- Overview of Actions
- Beijing
- Hong Kong
- Qinhuangdao
- Qingdao
- Shanghai
- Shenyang
- Tianjin
Air Quality in Olympic Cities
- Annual Pollutant Concentration
- Air Pollution Index (API)
- Calculated PM10 Analysis
- Olympic AQ Charts and Datasets
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Air Quality in Chinese Cities
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