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Better Air Quality (BAQ) 2008
was held in Bangkok, Thailand
12-14 November 2008

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SUMA Presentations (2008)

Date Title Speaker Location
Jan 11-19

TRB Conference

Cornie Huizenga and Sophie Punte

Washington, D.C, USA
Jan 29-31 Clean Fuels for Asia
6th Asian Petroleum Technology Symposium: "Improvement of Fuel Quality and Refinery Environment"
Bert Fabian Cebu, Philippines
Jan 30-31

Overview status of AQ and AQM in Asia *
4th Regional Dialogue

Cornie Huizenga Bangkok, Thailand
Feb 14 Clean Fuels for Asia
JARI Indonesia Roundtable
Bert Fabian Jakarta, Indonesia
Feb 20-23 Regional Overview of Vehicle Emission Control Approaches in Asia *
International Seminar on Environment and Traffic Management
Cornie Huizenga and May Ajero Taipei, Taiwan
Mar 13-14 Program Design and Action Planning Workshop: "Enhancing the Role of Local Actors in Achieving Environmentally Sustainable Transport (EST) Bert Fabian Tagaytay, Philippines
Mar 17-19

Realizing Sustainable Urban Transport in Asia: The need for stronger and broader partnerships
Financing Urban Transportation in Asia: Importance of Carbon Financing in Achieving SUT and AQM

3rd UNCRD Regional Environmentally Sustainable Transport (EST) Forum in Asia

Cornie Huizenga and Bert Fabian

Apr 2-3 Environmentally Sustainable Transportation for Cleaner Air in the Philippines
Energy and Clean Air Planning Workshop for Baguio City
Bert Fabian Baguio, Philippines
Apr 10-11

6th Global Partnership Meeting of the Partnership for Clean Fuels and Vehicles (PCFV)

Cornie Huizenga and Sophie Punte

Beijing, China
Apr 22

Urban Air Quality and Climate Change:Scaling up win-win solutions for Asia
United States-Japan Workshop on the Co-benefits of Climate Actions in Asia

Cornie Huizenga and Sophie Punte

Bangkok, Thailand
Apr 23 Mo-EJ-UNESCAP Gateway Meeting on Development and Climate Change

Cornie Huizenga and Sophie Punte

Bangkok, Thailand
Apr 23-24 2008 Macao International Environmental Cooperation Forum and Exhibition Bert Fabian Macao, China
Apr 29-30 Regional Workshop: ICT Applications for Sustainable Environmental Management Michael Co Bangkok, Thailand
May 28 Promotion of Environmentally Sustainable Transportation Pilot Projects Southeast Asia: CIVITAS in the ASEAN
ASEAN Senior Transport Officials Meetings
Sophie Punte and Bert Fabian Cebu, Philippines
Jun 3-5 Asia Clean Energy Forum Cornie Huizenga Manila, Philippines
Jun 12 Air Quality Management, Sustainable Urban Transportation and Climate Change
Diesel Integrated Emission Strategies for Existing Land Transport: DIESEL
Bert Fabian Bangkok, Thailand
Jun 24-25

Short overview on the overall case for Asia - From a NO-NO to a yes-yes Scenario *
International Symposium on Future Challenges of Transport and Environment

Cornie Huizenga Berlin, Germany
Jul 9

Urban Transport Policy: A re-orientation in urban transport thinking in India
ADB Environment CoP Green Bag Seminar: Developments in Air Quality Management and Sustainable Urban Transport in Asia

Shreekant Gupta

Manila Philippines
Jul 30 Euro IV Workshop Sophie Punte and Bert Fabian Manila, Philippines
Aug 8 Trends and Emerging Roles of Civil Society in the Context of ADB's Strategy 2020
Training Course for NGOs/Civil Society Anchors
Sophie Punte, Bert Fabian and May Ajero Manila, Philippines
Aug 20-21 ASEAN CIVITAS Bert Fabian Brunei
Aug 27 Improving Air Quality through NGVs
CNG-NGV Philippines Forum 2008
Cornie Huizenga, Bert Fabian and Sudhir Gota Manila, Philippines
Sep 9-12 ADB Transport Week Cornie Huizenga, Sophie Punte, Bert Fabian and Sudhir Gota Manila, Philippines
Sep 24-26 Transportation, Air Pollution, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Focus on BRTS*
BRT Workshop
Sudhir Gota Vishakapatnam, India
Nov 6-7

Strategic Approaches to Regional Air Quality Management in China

Cornie Huizenga Beijing, China
Nov 20 Air Pollution*
International School of Manila Lecture
Sophie Punte Manila, Philippines
Dec 5-14 The Co-benefits of addressing Air Pollution and Climate Change
COP 14
Cornie Huizenga and Bert Fabian Poznan, Poland

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