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CAI-Asia Center signs agreement worth US$2 million with the Asian Development Bank
Authorizing the CAI-Asia Center to act as the lead implementing agency for the Sustainable Urban Mobility in Asia (SUMA) program, the letter of agreement (LoA) paves the way for improved air quality management and sustainable urban transport in Asia. Read more >>

Stakeholders in India Deliberate the Establishment of CAI-Asia India Local Network
Representatives from government, academe, nongovernment organizations, private sector, and development agencies met on 29 June 2007 in New Delhi to give feedback on CAI-Asia’s plans of establishing a multisector network to promote better air quality management in India. Read more >>

Experts Seek to Accelerate Clean Energy Deployment
More than 300 experts gathered in Manila to find ways to scale up the deployment of clean energy across the world’s fastest-growing region. Read more >>

CAI-Asia Center Established!
The incorporation papers of the CAI-Asia Center were signed at ADB Headquarters in Manila, establishing the Center as an independent legal entity. Read more >>

CAI-Asia and SEPA Agree to Design National AQM Training Program in China
On 1 June 2007, the State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA) was presented with the preliminary design of the Chinese Improved Training for Air Quality Management (CITSAM) Program. Glynda Bathan reports. Read more >>

Bebet Gozun Named Acting Chairperson of CAI-Asia
Following the untimely death of Kong Ha, the CAI-Asia Chairperson, there was a need to fill the vacancy left by this sad event. We appreciate Elisea (Bebet) Gozun's willingness to serve as the Acting Chairperson of CAI-Asia in the coming months. Read more>>

World Bank Awards Grant to Partnership for Clean Air (PCA)
Grant worth about $10,000. Glynda Bathan, CAI-Asia Local Network Coordinator reports.

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Pakistan: Traffic mess cannot be cleared overnight, says Nazim

Aug 17, 2007 | The city government cannot solve traffic problems alone; it requires the participation of the concerned agencies and the public as well. "The chaotic situation we see today is the result of mismanagement and negligence of six decades, therefore, this mess cannot be cleared overnight," said City Nazim Syed Mustafa Kamal.

Mumbai: Mumbai Metro: State looks to Japanese bank for second, third corridors

Aug 16, 2007 | AT Rs 5,600 crore and Rs 12,000 crore respectively, the second and third corridors of Mumbai's Metro Rail project will be among the biggest projects being lined up for possible financial assistance from the Japanese Bank for International Cooperation. By Kavitha Iyer

Mexico: Mexico City Pollution Harms Child Lung Growth - Study

Aug 16, 2007 | Contaminated air that hangs over the Mexican capital, one of the world's biggest cities, does more damage to children than cigarette smoke and may cause chronic lung diseases when they are adults, a study showed on Wednesday.

Metro Manila: Automated dispatch system for Metro buses

Aug 15, 2007 | A fully automated system of dispatching buses in the metropolis will be in effect by November, according to the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority. By DJ Yap, Inquirer

Metro Manila: LPG-run buses to ply Metro Manila roads

Aug 15, 2007 | Before the year ends, buses running on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)—a fuel commonly used for cooking by households—will start plying the streets of Metro Manila. By Abigail L. Ho, Inquirer

India: EPA, India-Based Corporation Join Forces to Reduce Greenhouse Gas

Aug 14, 2007 | EPA and India's largest oil producer last week signed an agreement to work together to reduce emissions of methane, a potent greenhouse gas.

United Kingdom: London eyes Paris-style bike hire scheme

Aug 10, 2007 | London Mayor Ken Livingstone is looking into the possibility of introducing a public bike hire scheme along the lines of one in Paris to promote more sustainable forms of transport, he said Thursday.

Asia in General: US Scientists Say Asian Pollution Haze Accelerates Melting of Himalayan Glaciers

Aug 02, 2007 | .S. scientists say clouds of man-made haze that blanket southern and eastern Asia are helping accelerate the melting of the Himalayan glaciers. VOA's Heda Bayron reports from our Asia News Center in Hong Kong on the effect of these so-called "brown clouds" on the region's climate. By Heda Bayron

Bhutan-China-India-Nepal-Pakistan: Pollution Adds to Greenhouse Gases Melting Himalayan Glaciers – Un-Backed Study

Aug 02, 2007 | A new study of the role played by pollution-filled “brown clouds” over South Asia offers hope that the region may be able to arrest some of the alarming retreat of Himalayan glaciers which provide a lifeline for billions of people by feeding the major rivers in the region, according to the United Nations Environment Programme.

Malaysia: Penangites to take to public transport in a big way

Aug 01, 2007 | At least 60% of Penangites are expected to use public transport within the next five years, said Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon. By Christina Chin, The Star (Nation)

Pakistan: Faisal discusses cooperation with US Environment Protection Agency Chief

Jul 27, 2007 | Environment Minister Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat met with the Chief Administrator US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) here on Thursday and briefed him about the role of EPA in Pakistan in particular the process of issuing Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for all development projects in Pakistan.

Global: Diesel pollution 'clogs arteries'

Jul 26, 2007 | Diesel fumes appear to combine with artery-clogging fats to raise the risk of heart disease, research suggests.

Global: Ozone has 'strong climate effect'

Jul 25, 2007 | Ozone could be a much more important driver of climate change than scientists had previously predicted, according to a study in Nature journal. By Paul Rincon, Science reporter, BBC News

Global: Planet Gets a Lemon as Global Car Industry Revs Up

Jul 18, 2007 | The world’s auto manufacturers produced a record 67 million vehicles in 2006, putting more cars on the road than ever before, according to a new Vital Signs Update from the Worldwatch Institute.

Asia in General: Honda expands global production

Jul 18, 2007 | Honda, Japan's second biggest carmaker, has announced a major global expansion to meet fast-growing overseas demand.

Kolkata: Pollution Turns Famous India Raj Monument Yellow

Jul 17, 2007 | Poisonous fumes, dust and smog are staining the white-marbled Queen Victoria Memorial, one of India's best-known landmarks from the days of the British empire, a leading environmental agency warned on Monday. By Bappa Majumdar

Nepal: Tri-Chandra College Declared as Tire Burning Free Zone

Jul 16, 2007 | From now students of Tri-Chandra college, a historic college in Nepal, will opt for green protest programs instead of tyre burning and other vandalism activities. Student Leaders of Tri-Chandra College expressed their commitement on Monday during the interaction program organized to declare “Tri-Chandra College (TC) as Tyre Burning Free Zone.”

South Korea: Asia: Reborn river brings back some urban cool to Seoul

Jul 12, 2007 | In 2005, a river was reborn in downtown Seoul. After years of life as a drain stuck underneath a road and an elevated highway, a 6-kilometer stretch of the Cheonggyecheon river once again saw the light of day. By Shigeko Segawa, The Asahi Shimbun

Asia in General: CAI-Asia Center signs agreement worth US$2 million with the Asian Development Bank

Jul 12, 2007 | Letter of agreement (LoA) paves the way for improved air quality management and sustainable urban transport in Asia.

India: Stakeholders in India Deliberate the Establishment of CAI-Asia India Local Network

Jul 11, 2007 | Weeklong discussions were held to share ideas about the India Clean Air Network (ICAN)

Lahore: Transit train’s ground breaking in September

Jul 09, 2007 | Chief Minister Pervaiz Elahi has said approval to the project of Lahore Rapid Mass Transit Train has been granted and the ground-breaking ceremony will be held in September.

Brazil: EU Warns Brazil on Environmental Impact of Biofuels (Update3)

Jul 05, 2007 | The European Union said Brazil must protect farms and forests at home to pry open biofuel markets abroad, seeking to prevent a clean-air campaign from causing land damage. By Jonathan Stearns

Thailand: Thai real estate goes green

Jul 05, 2007 | Thailand’s real estate developers are increasingly taking on hues of green, as a traditionally conservative industry begins to embrace eco-friendly practices. By Newley Purnell

Makati: E-jeepney electrifies Makati folk

Jul 05, 2007 | On their first excursion in the streets of the metropolis Wednesday, the two brightly painted “e-jeepneys” did not roar at all. By DJ Yap, Inquirer

China: Pollution clouds Hong Kong's future

Jun 26, 2007 | Disappointment was the overriding emotion on the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront. By Samanthi Dissanayake, BBC News, Hong Kong

Asia in General: Envirofit Honored in Switzerland with World Clean Energy Award

Jun 21, 2007 | Envirofit International Ltd. has received one of the inaugural World Clean Energy Awards in Basel, Switzerland, recognizing its innovative practices and leadership in implementing broad-based energy solutions.

China: Buses help environment, but Chinese want cars

Jun 18, 2007 | On a smoggy spring evening, Zhang Min took a small step for a cleaner planet. The 21-year-old in designer jeans boarded a low-emissions bus, part of a system that functions like an above-ground subway with its own lane - enabling the retail clerk to glide past bumper-to-bumper traffic on her way home. By John Boudreau, Mercury News

Asia in General: ADB Supports Establishment of Clean Air Center

Jun 11, 2007 | ADB is supporting the establishment of the CAI-Asia Center, the first regional nongovernment organization in Asia dedicated to urban air quality, to help further accelerate action on the region's air pollution problem.

Asia in General: CAI-Asia Center Aims to Accelerate Air Quality Management (AQM) Progress in the Region

Jun 11, 2007 | The signing of the incorporation papers at ADB Headquarters establishes the Center as an independent legal entity. Through its new status as an independent organization, we expect that the CAI-Asia Center will be well placed to continue playing a lead role in the air quality management community in Asia. Thank you to all the organizations and inviduals who have supported CAI-Asia since 2001.

India: 80% S Delhi for elevated track

Jun 07, 2007 | In yet another twist to the debate over an elevated vs underground Metro corridor for new line from Jangpura to Badarpur, a Delhi Metro survey has revealed that over 80% south Delhiites are eagerly awaiting elevated Central Secretariat-Badarpur line. By Megha Suri, Times News Network

Indonesia: Mining firms may pay royalties in coal

Jun 07, 2007 | The government is considering requiring coal-mining firms to pay royalties in the form of coal, not in cash as is currently the case. By Ika Krismantari, The Jakarta Post

Vietnam: Nation may lose 12% of land to rising sea levels

Jun 06, 2007 | More than 12 per cent of Viet Nam’s land area, including some of its most fertile agricultural land, would likely be lost if the world’s sea levels continue to rise at current rates, warned Setsuko Yamazaki, the UN Development Programme country director in Viet Nam, at a meeting held yesterday in the city of Da Nang to note World Environment Day.

Pakistan: CNG buses to hit roads this month

Jun 06, 2007 | City Nazim Syed Mustafa Kamal has said that new CNG buses will start plying by this month under the project to induct 8,000 environment-friendly buses in Karachi.

Pakistan: Address climate change urgently

Jun 06, 2007 | If the government and concerned departments do not take solid steps to combat global warming by adopting environment-friendly polices, the winters will become shorter and it is likely that future tropical cyclones will become more intense, the IUCN (The World Conservation Union) warned.

Pakistan: Smoke in Air

Jun 06, 2007 | More than 80 percent of air pollutants in Lahore are generated by diesel buses, two-stroke rickshaws and broken roads, Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) Deputy Director Naseemur Rehman Shah told Daily Times on Sunday. By Mansab Dogar

Indonesia: Austrian firms may set up biodiesel businesses here

Jun 06, 2007 | At least three Austrian companies are investigating the possibility of becoming involved in the "green energy" business here to help boost the development of biodiesel. The Jakarta Post

Indonesia: Indonesia criticized over climate change response

Jun 06, 2007 | A World Bank-sponsored report launched Monday said Indonesia was lagging behind other countries and not making the most of the several options that would help the country deal with the impacts of climate change. By Tony Hotland, The Jakarta Post

Pakistan: Environment tribunal not satisfied with EPA work

Jun 05, 2007 | The Environmental Protection Tribunal (EPT) is not satisfied with the performance of the Environment Protection Agency on the issue of discharge of hazardous effluent from major industrial units, according to sources

Pakistan: Govt plan sanction against polluters

Jun 05, 2007 | Like elsewhere in the world, the World Environment Day was observed in the city with a pledge to do away with all those practices harming our environment.

Pakistan: Industries urged to fund global warming research

Jun 05, 2007 | Due to the ever-increasing global warming, the South Asian region is experiencing on average 1 to 2 degrees centigrade rise in temperature with much reduced rainfall. By Khawar Ghumman

Pakistan: Indigenous pollution control devices

Jun 05, 2007 | The Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) has urged academia to work on indigenous manufacturing of pollution control devices, efficient in working and competitive in prices to encourage industries for its installation.

China: China's National Climate Change Programme Report (June 2007)

Jun 05, 2007 | Prepared under the auspices of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC)

China: CAI-Asia and SEPA Agree to Design National AQM Training Program in China

Jun 05, 2007 | By Glynda Bathan, CAI-Asia Local Network Coordinator

Indonesia: Jakartans to be taught how to adapt to climate change

Jun 05, 2007 | The Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) is set to run campaigns in various areas in the capital to inform residents about how to deal with risks associated with climate change. By Adianto P. Simamora, The Jakarta Post

India: India to stall efforts to curb its emissions

Jun 04, 2007 | India is expected this week to stall developed countries’ attempts to include it in a commitment to curb greenhouse gas emissions, citing its low per-capita emissions and need for near double-digit growth to lift hundreds of millions out of poverty. By Jo Johnson

China: China urges rich nations to lead on climate

Jun 04, 2007 | China has promised to put climate change at the heart of its energy policies but says developed countries have an “unshirkable responsibility” to take the lead on the issue by cutting emissions. By Richard McGregor

China: China puts growth ahead of climate change

Jun 04, 2007 | China will put climate change at the heart of its economic and energy policies but without committing itself to “quantified emissions-reduction targets”, according to Beijing’s first comprehensive policy document on the issue. By Richard McGregor

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