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Bangladesh issues new air quality and emissions standards

Bangla text of the rules was published in the Bangladesh Gazette additional issue of 28.08.1997 and amended by notification SRO 220-Law/2005 of 19, July 2005. Unofficial English version available on this website.

Bangladesh is one of the SASEC countries involved in a regional air quality management project of ADB.

New Air Quality and Emissions Standards - Bangladesh

Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh Ministry of Environment and Forests Planning Section-5 Notification

Bangladesh - Local Network Commitments

from Better Air Quality 2004 country networking session. Stakeholders from Bangladesh met in Agra, India during a local networking session of BAQ 2004 to discuss feasible actions to improve air quality. The session -- which was chaired by Nooruddin Ahmed -- resulted in specific commitments to be implemented over the next two years.

PM is decreasing in Dhaka

Air Quality Management Project (AQMP) estimates that about 15% PM10 and 25% PM2.5 has been reduced in annual average (2002 vs. 2003)

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