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The State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA) and CAI-Asia have agreed to establish a local CAI-Asia network in China. The CAI-Asia China Program aims to promote better air quality management in selected Chinese cities. The local network will help implement the specific commitments made during BAQ 2004.

Diesel Retrofit Project in China

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau (EPB) and China's State Environmental Protection, Administration (SEPA), kicked off a diesel retrofit demonstration project in Beijing on November 10, 2005.

China Academy of Transportation Sciences

Ministry of Communications, Center for Sustainable Transportation (CST)

APECC News Briefings

Monthly News Published by Auto Project on Energy and Climate Change (APECC), China Program

Rapid Motorization in China: Environmental Social Challenges

A report prepared for the World Bank examines various options designed to mitigate the environmental and social challenges associated with increasing motorization in China. Options explored by the report include the introduction of dynamic road pricing, promotion of mass transit systems, measures to protect cyclists and pedestrians, stronger fuel quality requirements, increased automobile fuel economy standards, and alternative fuel vehicles.

Weekly Update on China's Environment

Compiled by Mr. Xin Yue, CAI-Asia China Program

CAI-Asia China Program

The first project steering committee meeting held on 15 July 2005, co-chaired by SEPA and CAI-Asia, officially establishes the CAI-Asia China Program.

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Events in 2005
EventDate and Venue
International Workshop on Rural Energy, Stoves, and Indoor Air Quality in China14-16 January 2005, Beijing, China
11th Annual Fuels and Lubes Asia Conference15-18 March 2005, Beijing, China
Strategy and Policy on China Sustainable Transportation Development International Forum28-30 June 2005, Beijing, China
Clean Fuels-CNG/NGV-Hybrids-Fuel Cells China/Asia 20056-7 Sept 2005, Swissotel Hotel, Beijing, China
IAEA/RCA RTC on Use of Receptor Models in Development of Air Quality Mnagement Strategies 12-16 September 2005, CIAE, Beijing, China
Transport Sectors Impact on Health Workshop22-23 September 2005, Beijing, China
12th National Academic Conference on Atmospheric Environment17-18 October 2005, Dandong, Liaoning Province, China
CAI-Asia China Project Inception Workshop27-28 October 2005, Beijing, China
Mercury Control and Monitoring in the Asia Region31 October - 2 November 2005, Beijing, China
4th Asia Pacific Conference on Transportation and the Environment (4th APTE 2005) and International Exhibition on Transportation Technologies and Equipments of Sustainable Development8-10 November 2005, Xi'an, China
Nanning International Conference on Sustainable Urban Development - From Research to Action9 to 11 November 2005, Nanning, China
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