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Air That We Breathe
POSTPONED: Second National Symposium on Air Resource Management in Sri Lanka (8-9 December 2005)

  • Air That We Breath - Location: Railway Station, Colombo Fort (From 27 Nov to 3 Dec 2005)

Awareness Leaflet for Kids

ClearAirSL, with the cooperation of AirMac and US-AEP (a project of USAID), has produced an awareness leaflet for school children to educate them about the dangers of air pollution. Email [email protected] for more information.

The Air Resource Management Centre (AirMAC) was established in July 2001 under the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources to facilitate AQM programmes in Colombo and the country. Several development agencies assisted in establishing AirMAC and provided and continue to provide support for its activities. These organizations include the USAID/US-Asia Environmental Partnership, World Bank, and the Asian Development Bank.

Clean Air Sri Lanka (CleanAirSL) is a non-stock, non-profit organization which was formed to assist AirMAC in all its activities, assist government agencies in implementing air quality programs and climate change mitigation programs, strengthen and build capacity for air quality management, develop policies and programs for air quality management, promote and facilitate air quality research, provide advisory services for air quality management related activities, among others.

2nd National Symposium on Air Resource Management in Sri Lanka

8-9 December 2005, Columbo, Sri Lanka

Remote Sensing of Vehicle Emissions in Sri Lanka

A report prepared for the Ministry of Transport

Sri Lanka - Local Network Commitments

Stakeholders from Sri Lanka met in Agra, India during a local networking session of BAQ 2004 to discuss feasible actions to improve air quality. The session -- which was chaired by Don Jayaweera -- resulted in specific commitments to be implemented over the next two years.


Learn about the Sri Lanka Air Resources Management Center (AirMAC)

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2nd National Symposium on Air Resource Management in Sri Lanka8-9 December 2005, Columbo, Sri Lanka
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