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Better Air Quality (BAQ) 2008
was held in Bangkok, Thailand
12-14 November 2008

Join the CAI-Asia Partnership

Vietnam Moving Forward with AQM

The Clean Air Partnership, the local network of CAI-Asia, participated in the Teambuilding 2006 workshop held on 13-18 January 2006, Philippines.

CAI-Asia has been instrumental in helping Vietnam achieve better understanding of air pollution and air quality management. Vietnam Register, for its part, has acknowledged the CAI-Asia's direct or indirect influence in the following activities:

  • Integrated Action Plan for Reduction of Vehicle Emissions (NAP-VE)
  • Driver Manual (Chapter on environmental issues)
  • Developing a road map for achieving Euro standards in new vehicles and fuel to improve air quality in Vietnam (on-going, US-AEP grant)
  • Clean motorcycle pilot project (Swisscontact)
  • Vehicle emission inventory and measures focusing on motorcycles, buses, and trucks (World Bank, preparing)

In addition, stakeholders from Vietnam met in Agra, India during a local networking session of BAQ 2004 to discuss feasible actions to improve air quality. The session -- which was chaired by Phan Quynh Nhu -- resulted in specific commitments to be implemented over the next two years.

Featured Documents
Vietnam National Consultation Workshop on “Clean Fuels and Vehicles”

17 November 2009, Hai Phong, Vietnam

HCMC considers Singapore way to get rid of chaos

A Ho Chi Minh City delegation that went to Singapore on a fact-finding mission for developing a green and organized city has returned with a clutch of recommendations.

HCMC seeks government permission for road price scheme

The HCM City People’s Committee has once again asked for the government’s permission to apply the electronic road pricing (ERP) policy, which was rejected by the Finance Ministry in late 2008.

Hanoi eliminates 33 traffic jam hotspots

Hanoi agencies have succeeded in getting rid of traffic gridlocks at 33 of 124 hotspots, the capital city’s Department of Transport said.

Measures urged to curb traffic pollution

Transportation, which is responsible for 70 per cent of urban pollution, should be made more eco-friendly to achieve sustainable development, a senior official said.

Transport department wants single agency on traffic lights

The HCM City Department of Transport is seeking permission from the municipal People’s Committee for setting up a single control centre that will take over the work of operating traffic signals and surveillance cameras that are done by two agencies now.

Drunk drivers involved in 10% of traffic crashes: experts

Drunk driving cases account for more than 10% of the country’s traffic accidents which kill around 12,000 people a year, show a recent survey.

First solar panels factory in operation

Vietnam’s first solar panels factory in Duc Hoa Industrial Park in the southern province of Long An began operation on April 27.

Tougher standards needed to control growing air pollution

The city must set strict air quality standards to combat the increasing amount of pollution caused by cars and motorbikes, speakers at a conference in HCM City said yesterday. By Tien Thanh

Dust hazard threatens southern metro: experts

An overabundance of low-quality motorbikes and inefficient infrastructure has pushed dust concentration levels in Ho Chi Minh City alarmingly high, say experts.

2009 Workshop on Improvement of urban air quality management in Ho Chi Minh City-Vietnam

By Prof. Dr. Nguyễn Ðinh Tuấn

16.4 million Euro for bus project in central highland city

Japan’s leading urban and transportation planning consultancy, ALMEC, has completed a feasibility study into improving the transport network in Da Lat city in the central highlands province of Lam Dong for the 2008-2015 period.

Right of way: making sense of urban traffic

Seven months after Ha Noi authorities admitted the failure of dividing Dai Co Viet-Tran Khat Chan Road into dedicated lanes for automobiles, motorbikes and bicycles – previously undertaken on a trial basis – the city Department of Transport last Sunday restarted the project. By Ngoc Bich

City residents demand better bus service

To reduce traffic jams, HCM City authorities have taken efforts to make the city’s bus service more attractive. By Le Hung Vong

Vietnam's Rapid Urban Growth Sparks Calls for Better Planning

Rapid urbanisation is changing the face of Vietnam, but at the same time creating problems that need to be solved, according to the head of the Institute of Urban Research and Infrastructure Development, Pham Sy Liem.

Viet Nam logistics infrastructure still lagging

Experts have said that logistics will be a key element to enhance Viet Nam’s competitiveness, as the country is expected to become a hub for both logistics and port operation. However, there are some concerns about the development of this sector.

Vietnam eats, sleeps, and dreams on motorbikes

Evidence of “moto” madness: A family of four on a speeding cycle sharing a bucket of fried chicken as they go. By Patti McCracken

Consultation Workshop for the National Environmental Report 2008

On September 26, 2008, the Vietnam Environment Protection Agency (VEPA) held a consultation workshop for the first draft of the National Environmental Report 2008 - Environment in the Craft Villages of Vietnam. By Nguyen Hoang Yen, VCAP

World Carfree Day (Sept 22) in Vietnam

Echoing to the World Carfree Day, the Bicycling Club for Environment and the Club Green Vietnam have co-operated with other clubs in organizing activities on "pollution from transport and community actions" in the following cities: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Dalat, Hue, and Khanh Hoa. By Nguyen Hoang Yen, VCAP

Bus owners seek help to convert to cheaper, less polluting biofuel

City authorities want to run passenger buses on biogas rather than diesel fuel to save costs on fuel and reduce air pollution, according to the HCM City Department of Transport (DoT).

Environment goes up in smoke

Vietnam’s speedy industrialisation and urbanisation is filling the nation’s lung with heavy air pollution which cannot be cured overnight. Thanh Tung reports.

Workshop On "Climate Change Issue By Journalists"

On August 28-29, 2008, the Vietnam Forum of Environmental Journalists (VFEJ), a member of the Vietnam Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment (VACNE), held a workshop entitled "Climate Change Issue by Journalists," in Ha Tinh province to raise the awareness of journalists on the issue of climate change.

Vietnam's love for motorbike sours

Ever since this once-impoverished communist country’s economy began taking off in the 1990s, the motorbike has been an icon of wealth and modernization. By Matt Steinglass

Trans-Vietnam Cycling for Environment Program

The Trans-Vietnam Cycling for Environment Program was implemented by the Vietnam Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment (VACNE) and its member - the Cycling for Environment (C4E) Club from July 29 to August 8, 2008. By Nguyen Hoang Yen, VCAP

Vietnam's air pollution has gloomy outlook: report

New information released by the National State of Environment says vehicle emissions are the main culprit behind the country’s deteriorating air quality.

Launching the National Environmental Report 2007 on Urban Air Quality of Vietnam

By Nguyen Hoang Yen. VCAP

VCAP participates in Intern Exchange for AQM

The president of the Vietnam Clean Air Partnership (VCAP), Prof.Dr.Sc. Pham Ngoc Dang, has signed a Partnership Agreement on the exchange of interns under the Fredskorpset South - South Program. By Nguyen Hoang Yen, VCAP

Workshop on Odor Pollution Control in Vietnam

On August 5, 2008, in Ho Chi Minh City, the Vietnam Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment (VACNE) in cooperation with SEMLA and PCDA projects of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment held a workshop on "Standards and Technologies for smell pollution control in Vietnam".

Wastewater, Smoke, and Particulate Matter Pollution Caused by Hue Export Paper Company

Recently in Phu Loc district (Thua Thien - Hue province), a number of agricultural, forestry, and aquatic products processing enterprises have appeared and has brought big economic returns for the province. By Hoai Thuong Thua Thien, Hue Newspaper

Suburban population "living together" with garbage

The Hue province is suffering from terrible odor and heavy existence of flies coming from open garbage dumps, including the modern ward South Vy Da (Hue City) and hundreds of households in suburban Phu Thuong commune, Phu Vang district, Thua Thien. By Hoai Thuong Thua Thien, Hue Newspaper

Second Development Partners Coordination Meeting for Clean Air

Last July 10, 2008, the “Second Development Partners Coordination Meeting for Clean Air in Vietnam” was held in Hano. By Nguyen Hoang Yen, VCAP

Training on air quality and climate change for journalists from Vietnam Central Region

Last June 26-28, 2008, the training workshop “Improving awareness on air quality protection and knowledge on global climate change” was organized by Vietnam Clean Air Partnership (VCAP) in cooperation with IREB and financing from the Sida Environment Fund (SEF). By Nguyen Hoang Yen, VCAP

Why readers aren't overjoyed at travelling by bus in Viet Nam

Last week: We asked our readers about travelling by bus.

Vietnam shows effect of motorcycle helmets

Injuries dropped up to 30% after their use became mandatory. By Melissa Dribben, Inquirer Staff Writer

Ha Noi acts to return city pavements to pedestrians

Ha Noi municipality is to get tough on vendors and motorbike parks that illegally block pavements from July 1.

HCM City's air pollution harmful to citizens' health

The increase of motor vehicles on the roads of HCM City and the boom in construction is adversely affecting the health of the city’s residents.

Air Pollution Blamed as Study Finds Respiratory Illness Hitting HCMC's Children

Respiratory illness continues to be a major health concern for young children in Ho Chi Minh City, according to preliminary study results presented here today.

Nation needs better public transit to combat traffic mess

The Viet Nam News readers who offered their views about the best way to defeat traffic congestion all agreed that improved public transport is the key to any solution.

Urban areas grow without rhyme or reason

While urbanisation roars ahead in Vietnam, a lack of strategic and synchronised plans is leading to chaotic construction, unworkable traffic systems and high environmental pollution, particularly in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Nation seeks foreign advice on cutting motorbike fumes

Viet Nam is looking abroad for lessons on how to cut air pollution caused by motorbike exhaust fumes, a specialist from the Viet Nam Register (VNR) under the Ministry of Transport, Le Anh Tu said on January 21.

Workshops on Motorcycle Emission Control in Major Cities Program (MECCP) for Vietnam

By Phan Quynh Nhu and Nguyen Hoang Yen, Vietnam Clean Air Partnership

Visit of the Executive Director of CAI-Asia Center in Vietnam

On 17-20 October 2007 CAI-Asia Center Delegation chaired by Mr. Cornie Huizenga, the Executive Director of the Center, had a business visit to Vietnam. By Phan Quynh Nhu and Nguyen Hoang Yen, VCAP

HCM City – super pollution

HCM City, with a population of nearly 8 million, plans to develop itself into a super-city, but this future super-city is at danger of being super polluted.

Kitchen smoke silent killer in poor Asia

Luong Van Inh is among a neglected group of Asians threatened by an environmental hazard rarely considered: indoor air pollution. Caused by burning wood, coal or other cheap fuels in kitchens, it kills about 1.5 million people worldwide each year.

HCM City: air polluted with lead

The volume of lead in the air of HCM City has doubled, from 0.5ìg/m3 to more than 1ìg/m3. Scientists suspect that the sale of leaded gas in the market recently is the reason for the abnormal increase of lead in the air.

HCMC to Have Tight Control on Vehicle Emission

To achieve goals concerning cleaner fuels and vehicles in Viet Nam, the Viet Nam Register and the HCMC Department of Environment and Natural Resources have cooperated to launch an inspection campaign on local vehicles, especially motorbikes.

Vietnam Clean Air Partnership now has a Coordinator and Executive Officer

With the assistance and encouragement of the Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities (CAI-Asia) and financial support from the Swiss–Vietnam Clean Air Project, Phase 1 (SVCAP I), since 1 August 2007, the Vietnam Clean Air Partnership (VCAP) now has a permanent staff functioning as a Coordinator cum Executive Officer to support VCAP activities.

Meeting of the Leadership of Vietnam Clean Air Partnership

By Dr. Nguyen Hoang Yen, Coordinator and Executive Officer, Vietnam Clean Air Partnership

Need to impose air pollution charge

Recently, in Ward 10, District 6 HCMC, the emission from a workshop was too much that a resident living near by packed the pollution components in an envelop and sent it to the Central Party and State office in HCMC which made an official opening the envelop faint immediately.

Dust from construction sites leaves cities gasping

"If we don’t take this seriously, particulate pollution will have a long-term effect on public health."

Business enterprises applying cleaner industrial production will get more economic benefit

Science & Technology Department (Ministry of Trade & Industry) said that applying cleaner industrial production in industrial enterprises will be the right choice for business firms to raise the competition, and also to meet growing strictly environmental regulations.

EC grants to Tra Vinh for maintenance and planting new urban trees

Tra Vinh province has just implemented the project “Maintenance of ancient trees and planting new urban trees” of 227,017 EUR (equivalent to $5.8 billion) sponsored by European Community (EC).

Da Nang: Over 3,500 billion dong and objective “Environmental City”

A sustainable developed city must have 3 factors: economy, social and environment.

Air pollution tax a breath of fresh air

The Natural Resources and Environment Ministry’s Vice Director of Environmental Protection, Nguyen Van Tai, talked to Tin Tuc (News) newspaper about a proposed tax on gas emissions.

Management Officers and Experts Meet to Develop an Air Quality Management Action Plan for Ha Noi

Workshop co-organised between the Ha Noi Department of Natural Resources, Environment and Housing (DONREH), Swiss - Vietnamese Clean Air Programme (SVCAP), and CAI-Asia

The Economy and the Traffic Are Humming in Hanoi, but the Price Is Dirtier Air

A decade ago, bicycles and three-wheeled pedal taxis rode quietly down the tree-lined streets of Vietnam’s capital. Now, 1.8 million motorcycles and scooters buzz through Hanoi every day in a confused and unrelieved cacophony. By Thomas Fuller

Japan supports Vietnam’s development of sustainable transport systems

Japan will back Vietnam’s development of a sustainable transportation system master plan to run to 2020 and then to 2030. Business in Brief, VietNamNet

Air pollution fast becoming an issue in booming Vietnam

A decade ago, bicycles and three-wheeled pedal taxis rode quietly down the tree-lined streets of Vietnam's capital. Today, 1.8 million motorcycles and scooters buzz through Hanoi in a confused and unrelieved cacophony. By Thomas Fuller International Herald Tribune

Seminar “Journalists and Ambient Air Environmental Problems: Needs and Approaches”

On the occasion of the Vietnamese Revolution Press Day on 21/6/2007, Vietnam Environmental Protection Agency (VEPA) in collaboration with Swiss-Vietnamese Clean Air Program (SVCAP) held a seminar entitled “Journalists and ambient air environment: needs and approaches” with the participation of environment journalists, environment management authorities, environment scientists and experts on 22, 23/6/2007 in Dai Lai, Vnh Phuc.

Nation may lose 12% of land to rising sea levels

More than 12 per cent of Viet Nam’s land area, including some of its most fertile agricultural land, would likely be lost if the world’s sea levels continue to rise at current rates, warned Setsuko Yamazaki, the UN Development Programme country director in Viet Nam, at a meeting held yesterday in the city of Da Nang to note World Environment Day.

Urbanisation must include green spaces

Hanoians raised cries of protest when they read newspaper articles stating that a new project was going to convert Thong Nhat (Reunification) Park into an entertainment centre modelled after Disneyland. By Thu Huong

Botched eco-project brings urban misery

After seven years of shoddy implementation, over three quarters of the HCM City Environmental Improvement Project, which was scheduled to be completed in late 2005, remains unfinished. By Le Hung Vong

“Cleaner Air – Better Life” Photo Contest

Contest funded by Swiss-Vietnamese Clean Air Program (SVCAP)

Women's Union targets smokers

Ten per cent of Vietnamese will die from health problems related to cigarette smoking, according to a research by the Viet Nam Women’s Union Study Centre.

Vietnam tackles livestock methane emissions

Vietnam has joined an international partnership aiming to trap and use methane, a potent climate gas, to produce carbon-neutral energy.

New emission standards to be applied in major urban centres

A new set of standards on car and motorbike exhaust fumes will be applied under a new Government regulation in five big cities of Ha Noi, Hai Phong, HCM City, Da Nang and Can Tho from July 1, 2007.

Vietnam International Exhibition Fair on Environmental Technology 2006

14-18 April 2006, Hanoi, Vietnam

Measuring The Invisible: Quantifying Emissions Reductions From Transport Solutions - Hanoi Case Study

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, has a transport master plan that provides alternative scenarios for the City's transport system.

Viet Nam Law on Environmental Protection (2005)

DISCLAIMER: CAI-Asia can not assure that this is an official English translation of the Law. This version was taken from this link -

Capacity Building for Hanoi in Air Quality Management

On 23-26 June 2008, the Swiss-Vietnamese Clean Air Program (SVCAP), in cooperation with Hanoi Department for Natural Resources, Environment and Housing (DONREH), the Vietnam Environmental Protection Agency (VEPA), and the CAI-Asia Center, held a training course on “Integrated approaches for Air Quality Management” in Do Son, Hai Phong. By Dang Kim Chi, VCAP

Seminar on Alternative Technologies for Motorcycles in Hanoi

On September 8, 2008, the Vietnam Register, in coordination with the Swiss - Vietnamese Clean Air Program (SVCAP), organized a Seminar on Alternative Technologies for Motorcycles in Hanoi. By Phan Quynh Nhu, SVCAP

Workshop on Mobile Source Emissions Inventory in Hanoi

On September 12, 2008, the Vietnam General Department of Environment, in coordination with the Swiss -Vietnamese Clean Air Program (SVCAP), organized a Technical Workshop on Mobile Source Emission Inventory in Hanoi. By Phan Quynh Nhu, SVCAP

Swiss -Vietnamese Clean Air Program First Phase Sum-up Meeting

On July 25, 2008 a Sum-up Meeting for the First Period of the Swiss -Vietnamese Clean Air Program took place in Hanoi.

VCAP Supports International Oil Industry Conference

By Karen E. Baydo

VCAP meeting board on January, 2009

By Pham Bich Thi Thuy VCAP

Training on “ Sustainable of Environmental Resource Development”

By Lê Văn Thăng- IREB

Implementing the major of Environmental protection of Hue’s people committee in 2009

By Lê Vãn Thãng- IREB

The full success of Earth Hour in Hue City

Following the World Wide Fund for nature (WWF) about Earth Hour, the Department of Environmental Resource and Institute of Biotechnology organized Earth Hour in Hue City.

Vietnam National Target Program to Response to Climate Change

Vietnam launched a National Target Program on Climate Change Response for a period from 2009 – 2015. MONRE shall assist the National Executive Board to coordinate activities of Ministries, sectors, provinces in managing and implementing the NT

Trans-Vietnam Cycling for Environment Program

Promoting non-motorised transportation through cycling activities

Vietnam Clean Air Partnership (VCAP) E-Newsletter

Compiled by Pham Thi Bich Thuy

Events in 2008
EventDate and Venue
Workshops on Motorcycle Emission Control in Major Cities Program (MECCP) for VietnamBy Phan Quynh Nhu and Nguyen Hoang Yen, Vietnam Clean Air Partnership
Air Pollution, Poverty and Health Effects in Ho Chi Minh City Policy Consultation Workshop25-26 March 2008, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Air Pollution, Poverty and Health Effects in Ho Chi Minh City Presentation to National and Hanoi Stakeholders27 March 2008, Hanoi, Vietnam

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