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Better Air Quality (BAQ) 2008
was held in Bangkok, Thailand
12-14 November 2008

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Regional Cooperation and Harmonization

CAI-Asia will continue to use its influence to promote the development and adoption of harmonized policies and standards related to air quality management. It will do so through participation in regional forums such as (i) the ASEAN Working Group on Environmentally Sustainable Cities, (ii) the South East Asia Focused Urban Environment Management Applications Program, and (iii) the UNCRD led Environmentally Sustainable Transport Forum. In addition CAI-Asia will continue to host the annual dialogue with regional air quality programs and initiatives for Asia, together with UNEP, in Bangkok, and for Japan, together with UNCRD, in Tokyo. As part of efforts to formalize urban air quality management policies in Asia CAI-Asia will organize the first intergovernmental meeting on urban air quality in Asia in conjunction with BAQ 2006.


The CAI-Asia Secretariat is in the process of updating the 2005 Compendium of Air Quality Management Projects and Programs in Asia. The 3rd edition of the Compendium (2006) aims to foster coordination and cooperation among various organizations and sectors on activities related to air quality management. Read more >>

Perfomance Indicators Remarks
Participation in ASEAN WG on Environmentally Sustainable Cities. CAI-Asia is cooperating with National Environment Agency in Singapore which is acting as the Secretariat for AWGESC. CAI-Asia involvement is aimed at policy framework for urban air quality management. Best practices.
MoU reached with SEA-UEMA program and under implementation. CAI-Asia is discussing a memorandum of agreement with the UEM program which will cover cooperation in: (i) AQM training, (ii) Regional Policy Forum on AQM; (iii) Local Policy Dialogues; and (iv) best practices study on AQM in South East Asia.
Participation in UNCRD led EST Forum. CAI-Asia is in the process of drafting a MoU with UNCRD to regulate coordination and cooperation which will cover inputs to and review of Policy Guidelines on a range of subject areas related to EST, inputs in workshops and review of action plans.
Perfomance Indicators Remarks
Improved documentation of AQM activities by partners on CAI-Asia website, e-newsletter, and print newsletter, updated compendium of projects and programs
Coordination of regional initiatives institutionalized through annual Asia regional dialogue and annual Japan-CAI-Asia dialogue in 2005 and 2006 Asia dialogue to be jointly hosted with UNEP and Japan dialogue to be jointly hosted by UNCRD with assistance from OECC.
CAI-Asia-led donor coordination meetings in selected countries and cities in 2005 and 2006 Linked to activities on local networks; in 2005 do the countries targeted for 2005
Performance Indicators Remarks
CAI-Asia - Oil Industry Dialogue for Cleaner Fuels completed and consensus on a roadmap for the introduction of cleaner fuels and emission standards in Asia has been established Follow-up meeting with Oil Industry partners has been planned for July-August 2005. Regional workshop has been planned for December 2005, in coordination with PCFV and IPIECA.
First Intergovernmental meeting on urban air quality in Asia successfully conducted Discussions are ongoing with UNEP on co-hosting the meeting in conjunction with BAQ 2006 workshop in Yogyakarta, September 2006.
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