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Local Networks

A local network is defined as a multi-sectoral body consisting of organizations and individuals who have committed their time to promote the objectives of CAI-Asia in their repsective countries and cities. The CAI-Asia Partnership encourages the setting up of representative and inclusive local multi-sectoral partnerships undertake the following roles: (i) Knowledge management related to AQM; (ii) Capacity building activities on AQM; (iii) Policy dialogue on AQM; (iv) implementation of pilot projects at the city or national level; (v) Provide the critical linkage at the local level with the regional CAI-Asia Partnership activities.

The CAI-Asia local networks are also expected to provide strategic support in the operationalization of the CAI-Asia Center Business Plan and the CAI-Asia Partnership Strategy.

For local networks to be acknowledged as CAI-Asia Partnership local networks it is important that they meet certain eligibility criteria that reflect the operating principles adopted by the Partnership including:

  1. multi-stakeholder participation and decision-making based on consensus;
  2. focus on implementation of AQM (to be assessed based on an indicative Business Plan);
  3. shared responsibilities for process and implementation; and
  4. transparency and accountability.

The following procedures will guide local network application and CAI-Asia Partnership endorsement process:

  1. The local networks will formalize application for endorsement by writing the Executive Director of the CAI-Asia Center, in its capacity as secretariat to the Partnership. The intention to become an endorsed CAI-Asia Partnership local network will need to be accompanied by a resolution of the Board or other oversight body of the organization.
  2. The CAI-Asia Center will assess the application based on the required commitment and eligibility criteria and where required ask for additional information;
  3. The Executive Director of the CAI-Asia Center shall make a recommendation to the Partnership Council on the approval of the membership application;
  4. The Partnership Council will formally approve the application during its meeting or through referendum.

CAI-Asia has actively engaged all partners in identifying problems and finding solutions which lead to better air quality management at the regional, national, and city levels. Most of the respondents in the CAI-Asia Phase I evaluation survey agreed that local networks are the best strategy to get a stronger involvement of city members in CAI-Asia activities. CAI-Asia acknowledges the importance of existing networks and believes it will be more efficient to work with these organizations rather than create entirely new organizations. However, where no existing AQM network exists and there is a clear desire from stakeholders to build a local network, CAI-Asia is willing to work with local partners to facilitate the establishment of a local AQM network.

CAI-Asia currently has 7 local networks in Asia:

  1. China
  2. Indonesia
  3. Nepal
  4. Pakistan
  5. Philippines
  6. Sri Lanka
  7. Vietnam
Teambuilding 2006
CAI-Asia held a teambuilding workshop for its seven local networks from 13 to 18 January 2006, Eagle Point Resort, Philippines. Read more >>

The objectives of the local network strategy are: (i) to define the relationship between local CAI-Asia networks and CAI-Asia; (ii) clarify the support that can be provided by CAI-Asia in facilitating the establishment and strengthening of CAI-Asia local networks, and (iii) prioritize CAI-Asia activities related to local networks.

2007 Local Network Status Report2007 Local Network Status Report
[.xls, 36.8Kb]

CAI-Asia Local Network Strategy (2007-2008)CAI-Asia Local Network Strategy (2007-2008)
[.pdf, 310.4Kb]

9 October 2007

CAI-Asia Local Network Strategy (2005-2007)CAI-Asia Local Network Strategy (2005-2007)
[.doc, 143.3Kb]

27 June 2005


CAI-Asia's Local Network Coordinators Plan Strategy for 2009-2010 at Yearly Summit

Coordinators from CAI-Asia's local networks drafted the mission, objectives, and action plan for 2009-2010 at the Local Network Summit 2008 in Bangkok on 9 June 2008. Present at the meeting were coordinators from Nepal, Sri Lanka and Vietnam together with Executive Director of CERDI-Bangladesh, an organization which has expressed interest in promoting clean air activities in Bangladesh in cooperation with CAI-Asia. Consultations are ongoing with the other Local Networks on the proposed action plan 2009-2010.

The CAI-Asia Center and the Local Networks agreed to continue to focus on these priorities:

  • strengthening the collective branding of and increasing cooperation between Local Networks,
  • providing information on air quality status, impacts, projects, and solutions to stakeholders,
  • linking different sectors to ensure concerted efforts and synergy,
  • upgrading skills of stakeholders to provide solutions to air quality problems, and
  • taking action to improve air quality in cities.

The Better Air Quality (BAQ) 2008 workshop will provide a plethora of opportunities for Local Networks. The coordinators agreed to maximize the learning, networking, and fundraising opportunities at BAQ 2008 by taking the lead in organizing Country Roundtables, preparing Local Network booths, and distributing brochures. So, come to BAQ 2008 and see the Local Networks in action!


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Countries with Local Networks
Sri Lanka

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