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Better Air Quality (BAQ) 2008
was held in Bangkok, Thailand
12-14 November 2008

Indonesia Country Network

In January 2009, CAI-Asia Center met with stakeholders in Indonesia to determine specific AQM areas where it could add value. Among the areas identified were: support for stakeholder participation in Environmentally Sustainable Transport efforts, and disseminating results of the Sustainable Urban Mobility in Asia (SUMA) Program and the Road Map for Cleaner Fuels and Vehicles in Asia. Dr. Dollaris (Waty) Suhadi, has been engaged as Clean Air Consultant, under the ADB/Sida-supported SUMA Program to implement the activities in Indonesia.


The CAI-Asia Center, its Country Network and partners prepared Country Reports which provide an overview of air quality status, challenges and achievements in managing air quality and the stakeholders involved in clean air efforts.


The Country Network will focus its efforts to implement the activities in the integrated AQM model described in detail in the CAI-Asia Strategy 2010-2012. Similarly, activities in Indonesia are within the scope and priorities of CAI-Asia as described in the same strategy document. Project activities for Indonesia will be part of and in support of the CAI-Asia Center’s two flagship programs: the Air Quality Management in Asia (AQMA) program and the Sustainable Urban Mobility in Asia (SUMA) program.

The objective in 2009 would be to:

  • Revitalize the Country Network of air quality stakeholders (with links to climate change, energy, and transport), building on existing networks.
  • Develop project proposals, with strong support from the CAI-Asia Center, and participate in CAI-Asia activities under and in support of the AQMA and SUMA programs.
  • Strengthen further collaboration between the Indonesia Country Network and CAI-Asia Center.

Indonesia 2009 Work planIndonesia 2009 Work plan
[.pdf, 69.7Kb]


In March 2009 the Country Networks gathered information from stakeholders on the priority AQM needs of the country. The needs for AQM assistance can be summarized into these main areas: air quality monitoring and impact assessment, policy and road map development and implementation, capacity building, awareness raising, and increasing stakeholder involvement in policy-making and implementation.

Indonesia AQM NeedsIndonesia AQM Needs
[.pdf, 15.9Kb]



Indonesia E-Newsletter

Indonesia E-Newsletter

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