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Better Air Quality (BAQ) 2008
was held in Bangkok, Thailand
12-14 November 2008

Pakistan Clean Air Network (PCAN)

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) signed an agreement with Asian Development Bank (ADB) on April 6, 2005, to become a non-city member of CAI-Asia. Under this agreement, the IUCN helped establish the CAI-Asia Local Network in Pakistan- the Pakistan Clean Air Network-IUCN Pakistan (PCAN-IUCNP) which would serve the purpose of promoting better AQM in selected cities of Pakistan with the help of other organizations.

Pakistan Clean Air Network Brochure


PCAN-IUCN aims to: undertake institutional strengthening and capacity building for AQM in the country at federal, provincial and district level; promote and facilitate air quality research, with a view to ensuring clean and safe air for the health and well being of the people; promote sustainable transport practices; support the Government of Pakistan in the formulation of air quality management policies and programs, and assist in their implementation; and to facilitate knowledge management for the improvement of air quality.

The section below states the efforts which have been accomplished by PCAN-IUCN in 2007 towards achieving its specific objectives.

Organizational Development

The main emphasis under this component was institutional strengthening of PCAN. During 2007, PCAN sought and developed strategic partnerships for a mutually beneficial working relationship for both the parties.

The following activities were accomplished in 2007:

  • MoU with Community Health Sciences Department of Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi;
  • LoI and LoA with CAI-Asia Center (about to be finalized);
  • Linkages with corporate sector (in progress);
  • Incorporation of activities related to AQM in the work plan of "Balochistan Partnerships for Sustainable Development" Program;
  • Project on air quality assessment for Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK).

Knowledge Management

PCAN worked actively with all interested groups to collect and improve the dissemination of information on AQM in Pakistan.

The key activities undertaken in 2007 were:

  • Monthly sharing/forwarding of AQM related news to CAI-Asia website;
  • Feedback on the layout of the country page;
  • Submission of report(s) for posting on the CAI-Asia website;
  • Assisting undergraduate and graduate level students by providing available data and forwarding their queries to relevant authorities
  • Collection of the latest resource materials and data on AQM from various sources;
  • Participation in print/electronic media interviews/talk-shows on urban transport and air pollution issues

Capacity Building

In the area of capacity building, the following activities were undertaken in 2007:

Internal Capacity Building

  • Workshop on Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollutants (HTAP);
  • Workshop on Bio-fuels production, Trade & Sustainable Development

External Capacity Building

  • Hands on Training exercise on "DUST-TRAK" and Basic AQM;
  • Bus Rapid Transit System for Karachi;
  • AQM Training Course and Planning Session on Strategic Framework on AQM

Policy Dialogue and Networking

The following are the efforts of PCAN towards policy dialogue and networking towards better AQM

  • Initiation of a dialogue with the World Bank on air quality framework (in progress);
  • Stockholm Environment Institute Mission to Pakistan;
  • Norwegian Institute of Air Research Mission to Pakistan;
  • Institutional profiling of Govt. Depts., NGOs, Academia in Balochistan with respect to AQM

Implementation and Investments

This is a strategic component under which PCAN has developed various projects on AQM and has assisted different Govt. Depts. and Development Agencies as and when required.

The key activities undertaken in 2007 were:

  • Assistance on CNG Buses to Ministry of Environment (MoE);
  • Participated and provided feedback in ADB mega city roadmap guidelines on transport sector;
  • Provided technical input on Vertical Shaft Brick-Kiln project to IUCN Sarhad Office;
  • Developed proposal on Strategic Framework on AQM for Pakistan;
  • Assisted Karachi Mass Transit Cell in developing a concept note on sustainable urban mass transit system

Introduction The Work Plan for 2008 summarized below describes how PCAN aims to effectively achieve CAI-Asia Center’s goals and objectives in the local perspective.

Organizational Development

Maximum effort will be directed towards cultivating strategic linkages and the development of project proposals through the following specific activities:

  • Development of a proposal to carry out study on the economic and health impacts of air pollution in Pakistan with CHS-AKU;
  • Follow-up on the discussions with Shell Pakistan and bringing themt to a logical conclusion;
  • Follow-up with Planning Commission, GoPakistan to fund our AQM system project developed jointly by NILU and PCAN (US$ 500,000);
  • Finalize proposal on Clean Air Implementation Program and Strategic Framework on AQM with the technical assistance of SEI and CAI-Asia

Knowledge Management

The following knowledge management activities are to be undertaken in 2008:

  • Continue sharing information and news with respect to AQM with CAI-Asia center and its website;
  • Pakistan specific online AQM discussion group;
  • Encourage the academe to join CAI-Asia listserv and actively participate in it;
  • Work with City Govts. of Karachi/Lahore/Islamabad in declaring and celebrating a "Clean Air Day";
  • Revision of Pak-CSR

Capacity Building

The following capacity building activities are planned for 2008:

  • AQM Training Course (04 days) for all EPAs and other government departments ;
  • One Day Planning Session on Strategic Framework on AQM for policy and decision makers;
  • Conduct a training workshop on Sustainable Urban Transport

Policy Dialogue and Networking

The following activities are planned for 2008:

  • Advocacy for the formulation of Clean Air Act
  • Work with Ministry of Environment (MoE) in the development of Ambient Air Quality Standards for Pakistan;
  • Support MoE, Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Resources & Pak-EPA for better AQM and cleaner fuels;
  • Support Federal & Provincial EPAs in adopting quality assurance and control for monitored data;
  • Work with the city government of Karachi and MoE towards the replacement of old diesel buses with new CNG buses in Karachi & Islamabad, and provide support for Sustainable Urban Transport system

Implementation and Investments

The following tasks are planned for 2008:

  • Provide support in Strategic Environmental Assessment by the World Bank of the National Trade Corridor Improvement Program
  • Facilitate the formation of Clean Air Coordination Committees in Quetta & Lahore. Strengthen the working of Committees in Karachi & Peshawar
  • Collaborate with national, international and multinational organizations in promoting AQM in Pakistan

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Network Development Coordinator
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