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Sustainable Transport: A Sourcebook for Policymakers in Developing Cities
Breithaupt, Manfred et al / GTZ Sustainable Urban Transport Project (SUTP)

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Modules and Contributors:

Sourcebook Overview, and Cross-cutting Issues of Urban Transport
(Karl Fjellstrom, GTZ)

Module 1: Institutional and policy orientation

1a. The Role of Transport in Urban Development Policy (Enrique Peñalosa)
1b. Urban Transport Institutions (Richard Meakin)
1c. Private Sector Participation in Transport Infrastructure Provision (Christopher Zegras, MIT)
1d. Economic Instruments (Manfred Breithaupt, GTZ)
1e. Raising Public Awareness about Sustainable Urban Transport (Karl Fjellstrom, GTZ)

Module 2: Land use planning and demand management

2a. Land Use Planning and Urban Transport (Rudolf Petersen, Wuppertal Institute)
2b. Mobility Management (Todd Litman, VTPI)

Module 3: Transit, walking and cycling

3a. Mass Transit Options (Lloyd Wright, ITDP; Karl Fjellstrom, GTZ)
3b. Bus Rapid Transit (Lloyd Wright, ITDP)
3c. Bus Regulation and Planning (Richard Meakin)
3d. Preserving and Expanding the Role of Non-motorised Transport (Walter Hook, ITDP)

Module 4: Vehicles and fuels

4a. Cleaner Fuels and Vehicle Technologies (Michael Walsh; Reinhard Kolke, Umweltbundesamt - UBA)
4b. Inspection and Maintenance and Roadworthiness (Reinhard Kolke, UBA)
4c. Two- and Three-Wheelers (Jitendra Shah, World Bank; N.V. Iyer, Bajaj Auto)
4d. Natural Gas Vehicles (MVV InnoTec)
4e. Intelligent Transport Systems (Phil Sayeg)

Module 5: Environmental and health impacts

5a. Air Quality Management (Dietrich Schwela, World Health Organisation)
5b. Urban Road Safety (Jacqueiline Lacroix, DVR; David Silcock, GRSP)
5c. Noise and its Abatement (Civic Exchange Hong Kong; GTZ; UBA)

Module 6: Resources

6. Resources for Policy-makers (GTZ)

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