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Invitation to Host the New CAI-LAC Center

The deadline for submission of the Proposal for hosting the Clean Air Initiative Center (CAI Center), the Secretariat of the Clean Air Initiative for Latin American Cities (CAI-LAC) has been extended from August 12 to Friday, September 9, 2005, 5pm EST, subsequently, clarifications may be requested until August 26, 2005.

On behalf of the Clean Air Initiative in Latin American Cities (CAI-LAC), The World Bank is inviting qualified and interested organizations to submit proposals for hosting the Clean Air Initiative Center ( CAI Center), the secretariat of the CAI-LAC.

The CAI-LAC was launched in 1998 as a joint partnership of a number of Latin American cities, the World Bank, and several interested organizations. Its objective has been to promote exchange of information and built the cities’ capacity to improve air quality and reduce Greenhouse Gases (GHG) emissions in Latin America. The seven biggest urban areas are already involved (Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Lima, Mexico DF, Santiago, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro), and there is a great demand for further expansion to include more cities and organizations in the Initiative.

The CAI-LAC has had a clear impact in the region and supported cities to develop or enhance their clean air action plans; enhance scientific knowledge and understanding of urban air quality and health impacts; provide decision makers with assessment tools for policy options; integrate transport, air quality, land use, and urban development policies; promote the use of cleaner vehicles and fuels; strengthen local agencies and collaboration among institutions; and, introduce innovative financing schemes.

Last year, the partners unanimously agreed that the Secretariat functions, currently with the World Bank, have to be transferred to an independent non-profit, tax-exempt organization to strengthen the institutional framework and regional ownership of the Initiative, and allow for further fundraising and ensure its financial sustainability. Membership to the CAI-Center will be open to all Latin American cities, and will further expand membership to interested national, regional and local government agencies and institutions, companies, and individuals, and provide a more business-like structure for planning and execution of the work program. The World Bank will continue as a proactive partner, and will support the transition phase to the new structure. Specifically, with support from a number of experts, the Bank has prepared a business plan and a plan of action to select a new host organization by this fall.

The attached Request for Proposals describes the background of the CAI Center, the role of the host organization, key issues for consideration, and criteria that will be used for selection. We encourage you to review the RFP and submit a proposal for hosting the CAI Center addressing the selection criteria. The RFP is being send to a number of organizations and will be also available on the CAI-LAC website.

Inform us upon receipt of this letter of invitation whether you will submit a proposal alone or in association with another organization.

Please note that responses to this RFP must be submitted to Juan Lopez-Silva, the World Bank CAI-LAC Task Manager, no later than Tuesday, August 9, 2005. Any questions should be directed to Juan Lopez-Silva, Paul Procee or Francisco Grajales.


Abel Mejia
Sector Manager
Environmentally and Socially Sustainable Development
Latin America and the Caribbean
World Bank

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Paul Procee, +1-202-458-2472, [email protected]
Sergio Sanchez, +1-202-458-4086, [email protected]


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