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2nd Annual Methane to Markets Partnership Meeting
Buenos Aires, Argentina. November 2-4, 2005

The Methane to Markets Administrative Support Group is pleased to invite you to attend the 2nd Annual Methane to Markets Partnership Meeting in Buenos Aires on November 2-4, 2005, hosted by the Secretariat of the Environment and Sustainable Development of Argentina. Additional information including the preliminary agenda and on-line registration are available on the Methane to Markets Web site at

The Methane to Markets Partnership is an international initiative that advances cost-effective, near-term capture and use of methane as a clean energy resource. The Partnership facilitates collaboration among national governments, the private sector, development banks, and other organizations, to reduce global emissions of methane, a potent greenhouse gas. Since its November 2004 launch, 16 countries and hundreds of organizations have joined the Partnership to advance global methane capture and use projects. Attendees of the Partnership meetings will have opportunities to network with key government officials, exchange technical ideas and information, and have a voice in technical and policy discussions. The Partnership's working groups include landfill gas, coal mines, oil and gas, and agriculture sectors, all of which will be holding sessions at the Partnership Meeting.

The goal of this meeting is to assess the progress of the Partnership's first year, and for Partners to collaborate with the private sector, and other interested organizations to develop workplans and activities that will facilitate methane capture and use project development for the second year of the Partnership. In addition, the meeting will include a discussion of methane capture and use projects in the agriculture sector (specifically the manure management sector), and a workshop devoted to project finance.

Anyone interested in developing and promoting methane capture and use projects in the landfill, coal mine, oil and gas, and agriculture sectors is encouraged to attend and actively participate in the meetings and workshops.

The meeting will also feature an exhibit area where Project Network Members are invited to put up displays to educate their colleagues about their organization. If you are a Project Network Member and would like information about exhibiting, please contact the Administrative Support Group ([email protected]) as soon as possible for exhibit information. If you would like to exhibit, but you are not already a Project Network Member please refer to our web site at for information on joining the Project Network.

Please make your airline reservations as soon as possible. Buenos Aires is an extremely popular tourist destination and flights to this city sell out quite quickly. Also, on November 4 & 5 Argentina is hosting the Fourth Summit of the Americas which will bring together many heads of state and their delegations. Due to this large influx of travelers there will be an unusually high demand for flights to Argentina.

The complete draft agenda can be found at:

For logistical information regarding the meeting location, hotel reservations, or ground transportation, please reference the logistical fact sheet which has been posted online at:

Online registration is available for this meeting at:

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