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Launching event for the new Clean Air Initiative Center
Tuesday, October 18th, 2005. Presentations Included

On Tuesday, October 18th, 2005, it was gathered a launching event for the new Clean Air Initiative Center for Latin American cities (CAI-LAC Center) at the World Bank Headquarters. The meeting served as an opportunity to welcome the development of the Clean Air Initiative into an autonomous CAI-LAC Center, present the members of the CAI-LAC center’s board of directors and the new executive director, and discuss the work plan. The agenda was as follows:

1. Opening Remarks

  • Ken Newcombe, WB
  • Representative from Sao Paulo


2. The Clean Air Initiative Center status and order for the day

CAI-LAC Development Presentation by Abel MejiaCAI-LAC Development Presentation by Abel Mejia
[.pdf, 1230.3Kb]

Summary of Decisions by Abel MejiaSummary of Decisions by Abel Mejia
[.pdf, 132.2Kb]


3. Board of Directors: presentation and Rules of Procedure for the Board of Directors: Presentation of members and adoption of Rules and Procedures.

  • Board of Directors:
    • Jaime Lerner, ex-Mayor of Curitiba, ex-Governor of Parana State in Brazil;
    • Robert Watson, Chief Scientist World Bank, ex-Chairman of IPCC;
    • Jose Serra, Mayor of Sao Paulo;
    • Jose Felix Garcia, President ARPEL (oil&gas association);
    • Mirta Roses Periago, Director of PAHO;
    • Axel Friedrich, Transport and air quality expert.
    • Mario Molina, Nobel Laureate;

Letter from Mario Molina to Board of DirectorsLetter from Mario Molina to Board of Directors
[.pdf, 31.4Kb]

Board of Directors' presentationBoard of Directors' presentation
[.pdf, 379.8Kb]


4. Presentation of Executive Secretary and adoption of Work Plan

Presentation of CAI_LAC Center Work Plan by Sergio SanchezPresentation of CAI_LAC Center Work Plan by Sergio Sanchez
[.pdf, 350.1Kb]


5. Message from representatives of Member Cities.

  • Representatives from the City of Lima and Callao, Peru
  • Representatives from the City of México

6. Summary of Decisions and Closure

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