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Biannual Conference and Exhibit of the Clean Air Initiative for Latin American Cities on Sustainable Transport: Linkages to Mitigate Climate Change and Improve Air Quality
July 24th -27th 2006 -- Sao Paulo, Brazil

Save the date for the inaugural public event of the Clean Air Initiative in Latin American Cities for 2006. The main objective of this inaugural conference is to foster sound design, implementation and assessment of Sustainable Transportation programs in Latin American Cities and to highlight the linkages between local air quality concerns and greenhouse gas emissions.

The conference will provide a lively forum for exchange and dissemination of the most recent experiences with formulation and implementation of innovative policies and technologies, through their main protagonists. In particular, the Conference will largely contribute to the preparation and implementation of the region-wide component of the GEF Regional Sustainable Transport Project, including a number of transversal activities related to information exchange and capacity building, as well as development and dissemination of monitoring and assessment methodologies, tools and indicators. Moreover, it is expected the Conference will foster a broad mobilization of involved stakeholders and public private partnerships to foster GHG emission reductions and other co-benefits from the transport sector in Latin American Cities.

The conference will draw cross-sectoral and inter-disciplinary participation from a broad range of stakeholders, including: politicians; government officials; specialists and researchers from the fields of urban and transport planning, fuels, air quality, climate change, health and finance; public transportation technologists; oil and gas associations and companies; fleet managers and operators; consumer organizations; environmental and advocate groups for non-motorized transport, public transport and transport-users; public health entities; industry associations; international development organizations and press and other media specialists.

The Conference is co-hosted by the Sao Paulo City Government and the World Bank, with support from the GEF and COMGÁS and participation of a growing number of international, national and local organizations.

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