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The initial phase of this effort, known as the Clean Air Initiative in Latin American Cities, was launched in 1998 by the World Bank to establish a comprehensive approach to addressing air quality challenges in Latin America.

The Clean Air Initiative Strategy For Latin American And Caribbean Cities 2007-2012

[English]: Executive Summary[English]: Executive Summary
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[English]: Full Document[English]: Full Document
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The Clean Air Institute (CAI) unveiled today a comprehensive draft clean air strategy for Latin America and Caribbean cities and invited support from public and private organizations with an interest in the region.
"We are proposing a much-needed framework for the region and an action plan to improve air quality and fight global warming," said Sergio Sanchez, executive director of CAI. "Through the Strategy, cities, stakeholders, governments and individuals can work together to achieve their goals of a healthy living environment."
Sanchez said the Institute is circulating the document to government officials, policy makers, private sector associations, non-government organizations, and other interested entities throughout the region. The Institute is an independent, nonprofit organization established in 2006 to support the efforts of cities to cope with smog, urbanization and global warming. Dr. Mario Molina, who received the 1995 Nobel Prize on Chemistry for his scientific contribution for protecting the planet’s ozone layer, serves as the chair of the Institute’s board.
Sanchez explained that air pollution in Latin America has been blamed for more than 35,000 premature deaths (WHO, 2005), around 4.5 million total healthy years lost, and productivity losses up to 2% of national GDP’s. Latin America is also particularly vulnerable to climate change impacts. He added that the Strategy will strengthen current efforts and foster new collaboration, thus improving air quality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in tandem.
Sanchez said the members of the Clean Air Initiative for Latin American and Caribbean Cities (CAI-LAC) are being asked to endorse the plan, and he expects that endorsements will also come from a wide range of cities, countries and interested public and private sector agencies.
Please find above the English version of the Executive Summary and the full document from the draft Strategy. Spanish and Portuguese versions of the Executive Summary are also available on the CAI website (
For more information, please contact:
Sergio Sanchez
> Phone: (202) 785-4222 ext 13
Brynne Ward
> Phone: (202) 785-4222 ext 33
[English] EPA Targets $2 Million to Fight Climate Change

Latin America: Washington, D.C. - Sept. 18, 2007. EPA Targets $2 Million to Fight Climate Change with Projects in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and other four countries

[Spanish] Oscuro futuro para América Latina por Calentamiento Global

Latin America: BUENOS AIRES (AP), 10 de abril de 2007 - El aumento de la temperatura global podría provocar la desaparición de los glaciares de América Latina y del Amazonas, disminuir la disponibilidad de agua potable para 70 millones de personas, intensificar las tormentas tropicales y los huracanes y amenazar a las poblaciones costeras si no se aplican planes para mitigar el calentamiento de la atmósfera, señaló un informe de la ONU.

[English] Publication of interim report on evaluation of CNG and hybrid-electric buses in service at New York City Transit

The National Renewable Laboratory has published an interim report on its evaluation of CNG and hybrid-electric buses in service at New York City Transit. The report includes the early experience of the fleet as well as eight months of operational data on the Orion VII CNG and Orion VII/BAE Systems hybrid buses

[English] Sharp rise in CO2 levels recorded

US climate scientists have recorded a significant rise in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, pushing it to a new record level.

[Spanish] México: Acelerará Nueva Norma La Entrada de Combustibles más Limpios

Comunicado de prensa Núm. 019/06 México, D. F., a 31 de enero del 2006 COORDINACIÓN GENERAL DE COMUNICACIÓN SOCIAL Dirección de Información


México D. F., a 21 de diciembre del 2005. COORDINACIÓN GENERAL DE COMUNICACIÓN SOCIAL. Dirección de Información

[English] Invitation to Host the New CAI-LAC Center

Latin America:

[English] Letter to Clean Air Initiative Members Steering Committee

Latin America: Status of the Clean Air Initiative in Latin America and the Caribbean and next steps, letter by John Redwood.

[Português] Curso de aprendizagem à distância: Gestão da Qualidade do Ar em Centros Urbanos

3 de maio - 28 de junho

[English] Regional Program on Sustainable Transport and Air Quality

Latin America: April 8, 2005. Washington DC.

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