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Brazilian Experience on Bio-Diesel by PetrobrasBrazilian Experience on Bio-Diesel by Petrobras
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The inaugural public event of the Clean Air Initiative in Latin American Cities for 2006 is the first Biennial Conference and Exhibition, to be held in the City of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The event is co-hosted by the World Bank, the Government of Sao Paulo and the Clean Air Initiative Center, with support from the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) and participation from a number of local, national and international organizations.

The CAI-LAC Conference 2006 will focus in identifying opportunities to expand implementation of Sustainable Transport programs in Latin American Cities aiming to reduce both criteria pollutant and greenhouse emissions. This will be done by providing participants with the most updated knowledge, expertise and tools for structuring, implementing and assessing sustainable transport projects in Latin America, ensuring climate change mitigation and air quality improvement benefits, contributing at the same time to other social and economic co-benefits as well. The Conference will incorporate activities for promoting awareness, disseminating knowledge and sharing experience, fostering partnerships among stakeholders and exploring opportunities to catalyze the implementation of sustainable transport programs and projects, while encouraging the development of sustainable transport strategies in interested cities.

The Conference will foster a multi-stakeholder and multidisciplinary dialogue among industry, regulators and the technical community. It will draw participants from national, state and municipal governments; the private sector; academic institutions; Non-Governmental Organizations, international development agencies, and experts and practitioners from a wide range of sectors, including transport, urban planning, environment, health and energy.

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Pedestrian Street in Curitiba
Pedestrian Street in Curitiba

sustainable transport; air quality; climate change; greenhouse emissions; Clean Air Initiative in Latin American Cities; Sao Paulo; GEF; climate change

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