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The material on this Web site was prepared by members of the Thematic Group on the Legal Institutions of a Market Economy, an interdisciplinary group of World Bank professionals working in the field of law and development, judicial and legal reform, governance, and related areas.

The purpose of the Web site is to provide information about these issues to development specialists, policymakers, and the academic community. Many of the topics in this field admit of several views, and much empirical research remains to be done.

The opinions, findings, interpretations, and conclusions contained in the material presented on this site remain tentative and subject to revision. Under no circumstance should anything on the site, or anything on any Web site linked to this site, be attributed to the World Bank, its Executive Board of Directors, officers, or any of its member countries. Nor should the presence of any material on this site or on any site linked to this site be construed as an endorsement or recognition by the Bank, its Board, officers, or member countries of the validity or authority of that material or of any entity sponsoring or originating it.

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