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Progress Report January 1, 2003 - October 31, 2003

Sub-Saharan Africa: Since June 2001, the major effort of the CAI-SSA is to eliminate lead from gasoline in SSA by the end of 2005.

Studies of the phase-out of leaded gasoline in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Mauritania and Mali

Sub-Saharan Africa: Action Plan Reports for Ethiopia, Mali, Mauritania and Tanzania

Announcements and news
Sub Regional Conference on the Phase-Out of Leaded Gasoline in West Central Africa

March 16-17, 2004. Venue: Douala, Cameroon

Methodology Note
Regional Conference on the Assessment of the Phase-out of Leaded Gasoline in Sub Saharan Africa

May 5-7, 2004. Venue: Nairobi, Kenya

Third Steering Committee Meeting, European Commission, Conference Center Albert Borschette

Brussels, Belgium. 27-28 October 2004

Workshop on the Finalization of the Phase-out of Leaded Gasoline and on Urban Air Quality in Countries of Central and Western Africa

Dakar, Senegal June 14-15, 2005