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Dialogue room
2nd Steering Committee Meeting: The Road Ahead
Action Plan for the Phase-Out of Leaded Gasoline in the East Africa Sub-Region Lead phase - out
Action Plan for the Phase-Out of Leaded Gasoline in the Nigeria and Neighboring Countries Sub-Region Lead phase - out
Action Plan for the Phase-Out of Leaded Gasoline in the West Africa Sub-RegionLead phase - out
Nigeria National Conference Action planLead phase - outMuse, Alh
Actions Plans for countries that participate in Dakar ConferenceLead phase - out
Benin action planLead phase - out
Can the promotion of an efficient public transportation system help?Lead phase - out, Sustainable transportAmsler, Yves
Des émissions des véhicules à la qualité de l’air, des dommagesMeasuring impacts, Mobile sourcesHecq, W.
L’Essence avec Plomb, Une Vue d’Ensemble des Impacts sur l’Environnement et la Santé Health impacts, Climate change, Lead phase - outSchwela, Dietrich
Expérience Américaine d’Elimination du PlombLead phase - outArmstrong, Jane
La promotion d’un transport public efficace peut-elle contribuer à améliorer la qualité de l’air dans les villes?Lead phase - out, Sustainable transportAmsler, Yves
L'essence avec plomb: mythes et réalités Lead phase - outRochow, James
Niveau d’exposition au plomb elimine par la circulation automobile – impact sur le stress oxydatif et le statut Nutritionnel des enfants senegalaisHealth impacts, Lead phase - outDiouf, A.
Teneur en plomb des villes africainesLead phase - outSridhar, M.K.C.
Effects of Unleaded Gasoline in VehiclesConversions, Lead phase - outWitenberger, Daniel
Feasibility of Using Current Fuel Distribution System with a Transition Time to Allow the Lead to be Flushed OutLead phase - outObih, Henry
Feedback on the conclusions of the Dakar sub-regional conferenceLead phase - outSoudou, Diagne
Foreword Obeng, Letitia A.
Gasoline as a Key Source of Lead InLead phase - outChikwendu, Chike
High Blood Lead Levels in the General Nigerian Population: Causes and ImplicationsHealth impactsAnetor, J. I.
Information and Awareness Building Campaigns: Developing a Media Strategy for Leaded Gasoline Phase- Out Education and awarenessUwejamomere, OTimeyin
Level Of Exposure To Lead Eliminated By Automobiles, Impact On Oxidative Stress And The Nutritional Status Of Senegalese ChildrenHealth impacts, Lead phase - outDiouf, A.
Nigeria: Action PlanLead phase - out
Fiscal measures: the case of Benin / Mesures fiscales: cas du BéninPolicies and instruments, Lead phase - outCoffi Affo
Raffinage du pétrole et spécificités techniques de l’essence,Lead phase - outBadarou, Raoufou
Togo: Regulations issued by the Ministries of Enviornment, Energy and TransportLead phase - outAmetsiagbe, Adzewoda
Objectives and Expected Output of the Conference on the Phase-out of Leaded Gasoline in NigeriaLead phase - outJalal, Engr Aminu
Seconde Réunion du Comité d' Orientation Bultynck, Pattrick, Reliquet, Chantal
Rapport d'avancement 1998-2002Lead phase - outBultynck, Pattrick, Reliquet, Chantal
Sources of environmental lead levels in NigeriaMonitoring, Lead phase - outMaduka, J.
Vehicle Emissions, Environmental And Health ImplicationsHealth impacts, Mobile sourcesEnemari, J. J.
Progress Towards Phasing-Out Leaded Gasoline by Sub-region of Sub-Saharan Africa, April 2004Lead phase - out
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