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Welcome to the CAI Sub-Saharan African's dialogue rooms

Welcome to the CAI Asia's dialogue room... Give your opinion, comment or discuss relevant matters. In order to participate in the dialogue room, follow these instructions How to take part in this dialogue room?

Dialogue Rooms
Inspection and Maintenance

Give us your views on Inspection and Maintenace. We are ineterested in your opinion. If you wish to have more Dialogue Rooms, just suggest them in the Newsletter section.

To enter the Dialogue Room on the subject, click on the icon above.

Give us your opinion, comment, or be part of a discussion. We are interested in your views.

General Forum

The purpose of this Dialogue Room is to discuss about general matters and to propose new, interesting issues for everyone.

Each and every new comment is welcome, as we are certain that your view encourages new ideas and opinions that will enrich our ways of dealing with problems related to air pollution in our cities.

Give your comment, opinion, and discuss. We are interested in knowing what your view is.

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